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Default It's high time...

So, here it is. There have been several people asking about the future direction for Serenity. These fall into two categories:
1) People who are burned out on the current incarnation of the server.
2) Newer folks who are worried that they won't have time to do what they want to do before a possible reset.

Serenity has been very successful, in my opinion, and it's been a great deal of fun. The reality is, though, that a large segment of our group has run through what they set out to do. It's time to start talking about what comes next.

For the group that likes to get together on TeamSpeak, we should schedule a time. As before, the session will be recorded, and the recording and minutes will be posted. These will form part, but by no means all, of the discussion. The recording and minutes will allow anyone who doesn't use TS to be informed about what their TS using brethren have said there.

For everyone, we can start talking about this here and now. Should we reset? If so, where are we going next? Same mod pack? A different one? Which one?

Let's be clear:
Any potential server reset will be scheduled on a timeline devised with an eye to letting people wrap up current projects. It will NOT be a sudden death scenario.
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I think I will be taking the RPG server down permanently.
I had thought of bringing the FTB New World Modpack up in place of it. My kids have been playing it and it looks very fun.
Maybe this could be an idea to replace Serenity with?

Something refreshing is needed...
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Have not had the chance to play serenity server yet, but me and my girls are keen to get involved once work settles down.

Been wanting to play with an economy and trade.

Factions mod is also enjoyable.

I find gregtech is too much like hard work unless we use the easy recipes.

A fresh map really brings life back into a server, as maps can feel a bit stale aft a while.
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Messing around with Irimar's pack at the moment, which I like the speed of progression on.

Something that gives you a feeling of logical progression would be good rather than just a random walk through various mods.

Also, I still think most of the pre-built packs have just too many mods and are trying to cater to too many play styles at once. Something more focused would be good in my opinion.

Just some thoughts,
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Thoughts are good.
I want to hear people's thoughts.
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Doesn't worry me. I've built nearly everything and with all my issues in builds wont worry me to start again.

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sounds good there are some exciting mod packs out there
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I liked having tech and would like to again. I'm perfectly ok with TOG going with something less... intense, than a pack featuring gregtech.

Madravel has had good things to say about the Direwolf pack to me in the past, but I haven't looked at it much, nor FTB's other offerings to know what they're like.

I echo Chieth's sentiment that it's nice to feel like you're in a single world rather than a disparate array of random(ish) mods.

Perhaps a custom mod-pack is worth considering although I (haven't heard directly, but) expect IAF took a lot of work to set up for yourself, so it might be worth just choosing from standard offerings.

- OJ
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I loved the adventure aspect of marvels and the limited technology. To me gregtech ruined the game.

For me I am looking for something in between iaf and marvels.
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I'm only relatively new, and I had only played Vanilla up until I jumped on Serenity.

I am digging Feed The Beast quite a lot, I love a lot of what it offers. I agree with the sentiments here that GregTech just makes things too difficult and makes it feel like work!

I'd be happy to keep going with FTB, say Unleashed (without GregTech) or say Direwolf20... But to be perfectly honest, I enjoy the social aspects of the game a lot too, so if people are keen on a particular pack then I can dig it and will play!

I still have a lot of work to do on the current Serenity, but don't let that stop you guys from moving on. I'd be happy if I could grab a copy of the map files for my own personal use if that's possible.

I'd like to join in on the meeting, mainly to get to know everyone... I have team speak, just have not been on a lot lately.

Anyway, my two cents
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