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Default New Serenity questions

So, tonight is the big night for Serenity, and I plan on joining in a little after it opens (10:00 or 11:00pm PDT).

I do have some questions on how the mods are being set up.

I saw in an earlier thread that Biomes o' plenty is going to be enabled. Are all of the new biomes going to be enabled (is that even an option)? Having watched the Direwolf mod spotlight on it, it looks like there are a lot of fun looking Biomes as well as some very dangerous ones. I'm just curious if they will all be there as I would like to search many of them out for resources (and for possible build locations).

Mod Spotlight Biomes O Plenty - YouTube

Also, it looks like Mystcraft has gone through another dramatic change and now the link books for teleporting have to be pre-created using an ink tank and paper to create the link page, followed by adding to leather to make the link book. Options such as intralinking and retain momentum are added by adding components to the ink before creating the link page (although Direwolf said that there isn't a "following" component yet). Are we still going to add a link modifier at spawn, or are we going to rely on the new mechanics?

Mod Spotlight Mystcraft v0 10 4

With the added rednet conduit and controllers, the new microblocks from Forge multipart, and the other new things to try out (as well as no GregTech!), I'm pretty excited to start on the new server. Now all I have to do is figure out a good lamp replacement for the redpower 2 lamps (I used cage lamps all over my last shop as power indicators, etc).

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Dead forest and dead snow forest will be disabled, as you can't even use the wood from them except to burn.

With the ability to create intra-linking pages now in game, I see no reason to add a link modifier. It is a debugging tool, not a player mechanic.
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Thanks for the reply. Those weren't biomes that I was particularly interested in, although the dead snow forest could have been a cool place to make a haunted style mansion (not something actually on my plan list).

As for the link modifier, I actually agree with this, even though it will make the link books take a little more effort and planning, especially without materials to make them "follow". Again nothing that can't be worked around without some planning and purpose.

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Awesome change to mystcraft!

The table was one of my least favorite items. Makes things too easy.

I will be on later!
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