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If we keep inventories then every player already has stuff in their backpack even if they don't log in over the next day or so. Hopefully most people will get the chance to grab some gear if that's what happens.
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The biggest issues I see are.
1. You cannot use the custom config for any other direwolf20 servers. So with me and my kids, if they want to play I have to swap configs out. Let them play on their server then swap them back in again for me to play.
2. The ID's for a fair number of blocks have changed or swapped so if the server gets updated down the track we will have more issues and more time spent tracking down issue for another patch.
3. Missing a few items from the storage network but we wont know how much till we need it and go looking for it only to find it gone.

So far the missing or currupted blocks found have been replaced I'm just hoping thats the limit of it.

The amount of time and effort that went into Irimar getting the server up and going in such a short time was huge and greatly appreciated. The same for the research that Gedarn was doing to help along with the other admins and players input.

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As for the idea of keeping an inventory full of stuff to bring over to an eventual new map (which I like btw); what would prevent this from giving the same problems we already have; mismatch of item ids? When we open our inventories on the new map all we might see is red sand and apples.
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As much as i like the idea of bringing stuff over im kinda with Daed on this. Irimar has put alot of his time into trying to get the current version working and if we decide to wipe id rather him not have to worry about spending more of his time having to set server up again a third time just because the items we had or our player files were part of the corruption problem and corrupt the fresh new world.

As always though this is my 2cents and will follow whatever happens and thank irimar, scata, and all the others that have helped make Serenity such a great place to play.
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Time spent having fun is not time wasted...

Change is inevitable...

Long term stability trumps short term gains...

Sh*t happens...

A big part of my enjoyment of Minecraft is the early stages, survival and expansion. I'm cool with a full reset. I've certainly learned a bunch about area planning and budgeting for mid-late game expansion. I will miss my "Fully operational Death Sta..." I mean fully upgrade power suit and tool, and my 2 portal guns. But hey, sh*t happens.
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I'd also agree with a reset, especially if it helps folks who also play on other direwolf servers (or SP) not have to deal with a hacked config file.

I'm holding off on building until this is decided, and if there were a way to keep items in inventory, I'd be all for it (maybe limit to vanilla blocks only? hard to enforce), as I would like to keep the iron, diamonds, glowstone, redstone, ink, etc that I have collected (I'd add in the stack of blaze rods, but I collected those the night of the crash). But if it risks issues, then no.

I think that having a maintainable and stable world is more important to me than the effort I've put in so far.

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And I was so close to getting my bee farm going again! However, I agree with a restart now rather than later.
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