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Default Promised land & the End

The promised land is up, there is a portal in the spawn tree, flying ability is suggested.

Found the end, 2-3 weeks should be a good time for everyone to get some gear sorted.
The portal is not safe the dragon sticks his extremities though the wall.
If you want some endstone for a soul shard doobie or what have you hit me up.

Suggest some times before scata gets in and sets the most inconvenient time imaginable for everyone again.
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I think 8pm, Sun to Thurs. (AEST)
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Well I went to the promised land... what the hell do I do there? is there something I should look for or work towards?

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I have often wondered the same thing about the promised land. What is the purpose of it?
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Promised Land - Feed The Beast Wiki
Some info from the above page.

The Promised Land only appears in its separate dimension, with a new Amethyst Ore, Loftwood Trees, and more!

The promised land dimension consists mainly of floating islands. It is full of shrubbery and huge oak trees. Sometimes, you can find Loftwood trees and Magic trees which have the uses of an Overworld tree. Animals/mobs do not spawn here and there is no day/night cycle (eternal day). The water is "purifying" water, and applies a regenerating effect if touched.

The only two ores found here are amethyst ores and celestial crystals. Also notable are the clouds that float around the world.
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No mobs, eh? Sounds like a nice place to pick a floating island and set up a low stress build. Looks like I need a jetpack afterall.

Maybe I'll move my Mystcraft portal hub here and leave it open air...much nicer environment than the Nether.
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Great idea!

I'm not stealing that at all...
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My time preference is between 20:30 and 23:00 Sydney/Melbourne time.
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I'm working the next couple of nights, how about tuesday night sydney/melbourne time?
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