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Minecraft (Public) Build it and they will come

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Default Back in minecraft and Serenity!

Hi all, well it is good to be back in the minecraft world after a massive hiatus! What is really good to see though is the generosity and helpfulness of the players, be it something as simple as querying about a mod or requesting a stack of a particular item.

Always makes it good playing with other decent players - and it is always interesting reading the banter that comes up in the chat.

I have set up just west of spawn in a little bay, approx X -658, Y 64, Z 325. Pretty discreet location, until my solar array is up an running.

Mostly just because I just made use of an open cave to save on digging time.. ..lag can get quite bad (digging a single block 7 times?!?!?!)..

But it is great to be back, i have outlined my proposed initial plot below - not too greedy i hope! Dotted line is current buildings, red is proposed area.

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