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Default Some Serenity rules


Just a small reminder of some the Serenity rules, this may not cover everything but if your not sure then the expectation is that you will ask, there are always 1-2 ops in server who are happy to steer you in the right direction

  • Overworld Border is 3000
  • Mining World Border is 2000
  • Twighlight World Border is 2000
  • Nether does not have a set border
  • Promised land world border is 2000
  • Your allowed 1 Quarry in the mining world or 1 mining turtle
  • Quarry in Mining world can be max sized
  • Quarry in Overworld can only be default 9 x 9
  • Quarries must be covered with one layer of a material that wont blend in (eg cobble)
  • Myst Craft Ages/Worlds can only be created by Irimar or Scata - who are more than happy to discuss any worlds people would like to try
  • Try to Build and mark our your land no closer than 150 blocks from anyone else unless agreed to by both players
  • Quarries must be turned off if you leave the server.
  • Don't make a portal from the Nether to the Overworld unless you are fully aware of the maths behind the placement
  • Don't grief or steal other peoples property or Community property
  • Be considerate to others
  • No PVP unless agreed by all players involved

Irimar or Scataboens will add to this list as and when it is decided a new boundary/rule needs to be implemented, if your not sure just ask

if you want some more info regarding Serenity..
TS Recording of Community meeting and minutes can be found here

Paddling will be issued by Usukie .... even if you haven't done anything wrong ... its his thing

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