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I've noticed Frontier has been very quiet lately, I've been there alone working on renovating my Hotel, it needed some new carpet and the lighting and electrical system needed an overhaul.

This however has meant I'm kinda over budget and am running out of construction materials.
I've almost exhausted my Glowstone reserves and can't easily find more as everybody (including myself) has stripped most of the easily accessed parts nether bare of the stuff.
I'm also almost out of redstone.
I've also found jack o lanterns under carpet work really well, which meant I can make the place look more open, but the stupid pumpkins grow SO SLOW!

As you may have noticed I'm using electric lighting where I can and hence those resources are very much needed, so if anyone has spare on Frontier that they don't intend on using I'd appreciate any donations to the building fund you can give.
To summarise at this point I need Glowstone, redstone and pumpkins the most, most other things I got covered for now.
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Your welcome to anything in my place, you might find some farms that will be helpful to ya. Have look around. My place does have a station on the main rail line from your place but unfortunatly i dont remember which number track. Shout if ya have any questions.

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Thanks, I've just gone and looted some of your stuff, now I see where all the glowstone went!!
You have a nice storage setup down there.
For now I should have enough to keep me going for a while but will probably go loot it again if needed.
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