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Default Wierd access issue on Frontier

Ok, I can log in and play fine on the FTB server, but for some reason, I can't interact with anything on the vanilla server. I open a door and it closes in my face, etc. Essentially, I'm trapped in the spawn building with no hope of escape. Any idea why that would be? Thanks!
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Sandsnake, looks like it was my error. please try now.
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no luck.
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There's definitely a fair bit of lag on Sanctuary/Frontier at the moment .. maybe that's what is causing the doors closing on you.
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Yeah, I thought that. I made sure I had a good ping (to rule out internet) and tried to open a public chest. After sitting there a couple of minutes, it never opened. It's definitely a very odd problem. Like I said, I'm fine on Serenity but Frontier apparently hates me.
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I had a bit of lag over the weekend, but it seemed to clear up Sunday night.
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