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Default Welcome to TOGville

Greetings Minecrafters!

Please come and join us for a tour of our magnificent lands. I'll show you some of the highlights, and give you some tips to help you along your way.

In our first instalment, I'll be showing you the main features of Spawn Village.

When you first enter the village, you'll be at "Spawn". You can return here at any time by typing /spawn into chat. On your left you'll see our newly refurbished Tavern (previously "Newbie Abode").

The Tavern has chests of supplies you are welcome to take (and please donate anything you don't need to others here too), as well as workbenches and furnaces. Behind the Tavern you'll find some crates of building supplies (cobble, dirt etc.) again this is free for you to take what you need, and if anyone would like to donate supplies for others, it would be greatly appreciated.

In the centre of Spawn Village, you'll find a noticeboard - leave a message or read messages left by others. The large building here is the Town Hall/Library.

Upstairs in the Town Hall you'll find some hints for newbies (if you have a tip to share with others, please add one with a sign).

Heading over the bridge, you'll arrive in the Eastern part of the village.

Everyone is welcome to build their own abode within the village. We ask that your building be no more than 10x10 and single story only - to keep within the small village theme. Community-use buildings (such as shops) are welcome also.

Following the path to the end, and turning right will bring you to the waterfalls in front of Newbie Mine

Newbie mine allows newcomers to the village to get their first taste of mining. With an abundance of resources, you are sure to find what you need in here. (There is also a video of the path to the mine here - To Newbie Mine)

Of course you may prefer to simply head out into the wilderness and mine in your own location, rather than an artificially created mine - the choice is yours.

Heading the other direction from the Tavern (to the left of where you started from),
you'll find the Western side of Spawn Village.

Straight ahead on the path you'll find the General Store and Community Gardens (/warp generalstore). Inside, like the tavern, you'll find donated supplies, as well as a workbench and furnace should you need them.

Outside in the gardens, you can harvest reeds (these are used to make paper and books) and wheat (to make bread). We ask that you take only the top 2 layers of reeds, so that they can regrow (replant any that get fully harvested). The wheat can be harvested once the tips go golden, please replant the seeds. You can find a hoe (to prepare the dirt for planting) in the chest inside. Next door to the General Store you'll find Nam's Bakery. The best (nay, only) Bakery in Spawn Village! Feel free to take a loaf home with you, or deliver some wheat or bread from the gardens.

Further into this area you will find our recent expansion of the village. There is now plenty of vacant land for newcomers to build on, so grab some resources and start building!

If you need any help with your buildings, please feel free to ask. As home and contents insurance premiums (and incidents of fireplace catastrophes) can be high in TOGville, we suggest you consult a seasoned Minecrafter for fireplace advice while constructing yours

We hope you enjoyed this beginner's guide to Spawnville... In our next installment, we will focus on showing you some of the highlights in and around Spawn Village, such as the Floating Castle, Modern Art Gallery, Skull Mountain and much more.....

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Nice work Obsi
(I didn't even know about the newbie mine)
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Very nice.
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very cool

great work Obsi
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nicely done.
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Getting Started ... Sticky now links to this thread.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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Awesome work. Cheers!

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Greetings again Minecrafters, are we ready for a tour of some of the sights around Spawnville? Grab your walking shoes, and a tasty snack and lets begin.

One of the first sights you may see on your travels around spawn is a large wooden structure on the hill. What could it be? Why it's a pair of pants!

Built as a testament to one man's hatred of pants. It's purpose? To be ceremonially set alight amid much rejoicing. Much to the creator's horror (and other people's amusement), the burning remains of the pants were later repaired by a well-meaning citizen, and now stands there proudly and defiantly resistant to being destroyed.

You will also notice a Space Invaders display in the sky over the ocean. We hope they come in peace (If not, we'll have to take them to see Thermal)

If you fancy a swim, you can go diving into the ruins of Rapture. A once magnificent underwater glass structure, housing a carefully manicured forest, with stunning giant tree sitting atop the ocean above. Built near the dawn of time, all that remains now are the crumbled ruins, forever burning tree branches, and the memories of those who visited it in the past.

Near the ruins of Rapture, you will see another impressive sight, the mysterious statue (flibbles.statue). Who is it? What does it mean?

This statue started out as a mysterious mass of stone. Locals wondered what it might be. Then the shape of legs was evident... and perhaps an arm? For a long while, nothing more happened to the statue. Thought to be long forgotten, the locals themselves paid no more attention to the half completed monument. Until one day, it surprised many, by being completed - almost overnight!

Guarding Spawn Village, ready to smite the enemy with it's stick.... Or impressing the Ladies with his raw strength.... and stoic determination... or something like that.

To the right of the statue, coming around behind the small hill, you'll come to a magnificent treehouse and cascading waterfall.

Atop that hill, and aptly situated above the Art Gallery, are two pieces of sculpture, the subjects you should all be familiar with...

Art Gallery? Why yes, Spawn Village has its own Art Gallery. Underground, offering the best temperature controlled climate for the valuable works of art...

It truly is an interesting and provocative display. Just what is the gallery owner trying to convey here? Is it the concept that art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Are they made from the same cloth spun to provide the Emperor his new clothes? Is it a piece of modern performance art - where the stunned and confused patrons are themselves the art? Is it a statement about how meaningless art actually is? Or is this an insight into the feelings of emptiness and loneliness the creator feels? Perhaps we will never know.

Moving on from the Art Gallery, you'll notice a large floating castle (daedalus.castle)

This stunning and impressive structure floats effortlessly above the ground, while gentle flowing waterfalls cascade down. The castle can be viewed from inside as well.

Not too far from Spawn Village, you'll find another piece of cubic art/sculpture (samah.scribble). I'm told that this is a "scribblenaut"...

Heading over to the other side of Spawn Village, you'll see Skull Mountain (skull.mountain)

You really need to see this one both day and night, as it is impressive at both times. Inside, we ask that you don't sit on the throne, the Phantom gets a little tetchy if you do...

In this same area, you can't miss you'll see the.... construction.... that some locals have fiendishly dubbed Manuzza's Monstrosity (togopia.tower)

Inside, you'll find an unnerving glass floor (installed after the locals bemoaned the vast shadow cast by the solid floor) that offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. As does the roof and balcony (occupational health and safety officers would like to inform you that guard railings have not been installed in this facility, and that any injury or death that results from this, is entirely fictional and non-permanent)

Blocking out a good portion of the sun during the day, it however really is a magnificent sight at night.

So there you go... a few of our Spawnville sights. There is still much to show you in our tour however, so please stay tuned. Next tour takes us to Guyron's Castle and the grand Morning Light Castle and surrounding Estate.

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Quite the turn of phrase you have there Obsi.
(Also loving the history behind some of the structures....Historian tag for you mayhap?)

You can do Bazopia anytime you like!
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Nice hat Obsi!

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