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Default EatingTacks on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Hello, I am EatingTacks, the beloved ruler of Tacksvania, and I would like to show you my humble summer retreat.

Inside you can see it is quite cozy, with a bustling fireplace and a gorgeous view of the bay.

Alongside the house is a small, secluded beach with a view of the Gleaming Tower of Overcompensation, built by my adoring subjects to honor me. Despite the rumors, no lives were lost in the construction of the tower.

Oh that? That is just a tool shed. Stay away from that.

Don't go in! STOP!!

I guess the cat is out of the bag. You have stumbled into my evil lair. I'm afraid I cannot allow you to leave. But given that you are so eager to see my abode, I shall continue our little walkthrough before I properly deal with you.

Around you are the geothermic reactors used to power my expansive facilities.

Adjacent to it are the underwater docks, where most of my smuggling operations are performed.

Walking down the main hall, you will reach my throne room where I develop my plans for world domination.

Next to it is my study, where I like to unwind after a long day of plotting. Behind it is a view of my shark tank. I find that watching my adversaries being torn limb by limb to be quite calming.

And here is my grand opus, the missile silo.

On top of it is a ten mega-creeper bomb. If I don't receive 1000 gold bars in ten days, I shall fire my missile and knock the corners off the moon. The resulting seismic waves will tear the world apart! MUAHAHAHAH!

I'm afraid our little tour is at the end. Let me show you to your new home, the dungeon.

If you behave yourself, I would perhaps let you work in the mining pits. Or if you are lucky, I will give you the privilege of being a subject in my laboratory.

But if you don't behave yourself, then its off to the shark tank for you.

((Use "/warp tacks.lair" to warp to my evil lair.))
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Great pics!

Awesome work, looks great!


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WOW - awesome!!!!!!!!!

and I loved the tour!
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Fantastic creations and I love your tour.
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Nice work there.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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Are you sure you aren't the resident architect for S.P.E.C.T.R.E.? That narrative and the constructions are well done. I kept linking them to various James Bond stories and movies.
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Damn, I was going to build an evil lair, but now I can't without looking like a copy-cat
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Very nice. Excellent narrative too.
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I think NAM started the first evil lair.... of course, that all disappeared under a mountain of lava....
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Love your work!
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