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Default NAMs chicken farm

Yes I have finally lost it!

I now have a working chicken farm, though fairly small at the moment.

it also answer the age old question of what comes first, chicken or egg.

I have a "hatcher" dispenser set up to launch eggs in to the coop, and the chance of a chicken hatching is 1 in 8 eggs. there is a 1 in 32 chance of a multi hatch from one egg of up to 4 chickens. saying that, its only a chance. I dispensed 9 eggs without 1 chicken hatching.

Each chicken will lay one egg about every 5 minutes, so you'll need some eggs to start, and it builds from there.

The only down side is if you leave the area (chunk) the chickens disappear, so you have to make sure you have enough eggs to restart.


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Aren't they ducks?
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Dont encourage him!!! Hes got a dedicated PC which is always connected to the minecraft server to keep his "chickens" alive... or so I believe!
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well, see, that's why I posted about the animal taming.... he could install that mod, and then he would be able to tame all his chickens so they won't despawn.... he could start a chicken empire!
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