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Research notes of Professor Q.E. Deverill:

I have been working with Inspector Lestrade for a number of days trying to understand the mischievous mechanics of Moriarty's mind. His works seem to mention it a lot. It has been quite treacherous. The officers regularly run into the local creatures, some of which seem unique to this area.

I think we have found the area where the pigman said he awoke. Under a large glass dome, there is some sort of laboratory, with beds, lights, levers, and some energy source which I am yet to understand. There are also signs of surgery.

From what notes I found, Dr. Moriarty seems to have been trying merge the minds and bodies of creatures and man. For what purpose I am not sure, but he occasionally mentions "programming" and I feel that he was not planning a dance routine. I must look deeper into his research and see if I can discover more.

The good Inspector and his men have heard growling noises down a corridor near the laboratory. One young constable ventured down there but has not returned. Lestrade has called for a renowned hunter, Lord John Roxton, to join us before he will explore there further.

I have however suspicions that Dr Moriarty may have taken other routes to escape. In some of the paper scraps that were lying about his bedroom I found notes that mentioned that he had achieved flight. Alas I have not found any sign yet of an aircraft.

I also found photos of what seems to be some unknown rooms that are labelled "lounge" and "controls". However, these do not seem to be for an aircraft as there appears water beyond the windows. If he indeed has a submersible, he may now be far away. We can but keep on searching.



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