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Misnik 12th November 2011 07:04 AM

Anniversary Server: Tir Na Tog
Here is the main project I worked on for the the Temp Anniversary Server:

Made with Snow and Ice, and a little some carefully placed lightstone for ambient lighting without melting the ice. So check it out at night too :)

When I started I wasn't going to make one. Started laying snow and ice in a building and made a nice little 4 story building. Then part of me said hmmm... I bet I could make another there and make them the front of a cathedral... and so this building was born. It was very unplanned. I was only 1 block off once. Luckily before it made too much problems :D

I didn't do much on the inside but there is some if you check it out in person while the server is still open. Mostly decided it would take too long to clear the hillside inside the building so left it hill and forest and all. Kinda neat for scale on inside actually. Maybe on the future server I might try to recreate a version of this in other kinds of blocks :) and much smaller.... i hope.

DeeP 12th November 2011 09:34 AM

its seriouslt stunning and huge, awesome build misnik :D:D:D , I loved using the snow and ice ... really wish we had that on sanctuary.... i secretly want to be a snow princess lol

If you do want to recreate the size and need help I can lend a hand .. im good at clearing spaces and following instructions :)



Irimar 12th November 2011 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by DeeP (Post 3330811)
i secretly want to be a snow princess lol

I'm pretty sure that no longer qualifies as a secret. :p

Sorontar 12th November 2011 05:35 PM

Lovely. The more photos of the constructions on Tir na Tog before Monday morning the better.

Misnik 13th November 2011 03:01 AM

Couple more things got done :)

Misnik 13th November 2011 03:05 AM

Some Other Works around on the server:

Obsi 13th November 2011 12:14 PM

I was on last night and when your cathedral rose out of the fog, I gasped!


If there was some sort of Minecraft Knighthood, you deserve it :D

There are some very awesome and funny things been made, Manuzza's bacon and eggs would have to be my next favourite.... it made me laugh!

Brilliant work people!

DeeP 13th November 2011 04:09 PM

Raeka's Snow Castle and Castle Ballroom (its kinda hidden so u might not have seen the ballroom :D)

DeeP 13th November 2011 04:29 PM

Fuzznuts fantastic Sphere

DarkDuck 13th November 2011 04:40 PM

whoever built nyan cat,.....blacklist ARGH lol

fantastic work, I must say I have been sick so no creative juices are flowing for me

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