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DarkDuck 18th January 2012 11:21 PM

Darkduck Estate - Pic Heavy
Soo as it turns out when I first settled I was isolated in the lower half of the world, since then I have had some friends join me, so I felt it was about time I do two things,
1) Show my claim in pictorial form
2) Show what I have done thus far

Where an I, the bottom of hte world!!! Thats me in the black Square
and what do I want as Duckland
just a small chunk of the world!!!!

The Map of what is done thus far
Beneath the Barn is a slime Spawner, an entrance to an Abandoned mine, my tree farm.
Beneath the Mobtrap is a mainteance tunnel (currently the mob trap is a pit trap, soon to be a pit XP farm) as well as a second entrance ot he abandoned mine and a Zombie Spawner
Beneath the Saw Mill is entry to an Abandoned mine and of course under the ocean where I havested vast quantities of sand.

All 3 Abandoned mines I believe are part of the one system and link eventually to the ravine... which shall have a surface access made eventually.
So what have I been upto,
First I started with a nice manor house, this main buildign wil lbe a grand entry hall and a second level with a nice woolen floor that is also decrotive from beneath
1st Floor

DarkDuck 18th January 2012 11:30 PM

So the next part is the Mob Trap, it's a big Block Buildign with lava, nothing great, however inside is a new design that works rather well

Looking from atop the mob trap (most likely to be the treasure room or something else To be decided) we can see the main hall and the barn
and the Abandoned Saw Mill and Sand Mine Access (the one Building)

You can see the "pens" (animal farm) and some of the Mob Trap in these pic's
(this bottom pic is the from left to right, Mob Trap, Pens, Main House and Barn)

DarkDuck 18th January 2012 11:33 PM

Inside hte Pens is the latest in luxury accomodation for the many sheep, and one Cow

The Saw Mill is an ancient structure from when we used to have Tree's on this open plain

But Sincethen it has been retrofitted with a Lava Drill to acces the deepest parts of the earth
(Fenced off for WH&S reasons)

and the walk down

and out in the middle of hte ocean of my place is a small but spectracular ravine I have nicknamed MORDOR why? it has about the same amount of lava as the nether I swear it

DarkDuck 18th January 2012 11:40 PM

The Bloopers

My initial thought for a floor for the second level came from Splat having fun, he planced a brown mushroom and made it huge, this made an interesting floor which I will pursure with a furture project, but after some annoying teething issues
Mainly of hte 9 mushrooms only 2 grew to hte same height and I got annoyed with having to use a piston to correct the height, I swapped the pattern out for wool (thanks goes to Manzza for helping rangle the sheep).
So thats my build thus far, planned wil lbe a bigger structure to the side, an airport on the mountains behind (air ship, designs would be appreciated for idea's) a nicecourt yard between the current buildings, finish main hous with 2 towers, and a dock somewhere, only minor stuff oh and a whopper of a nether temple!!!

DarkDuck 18th January 2012 11:49 PM

Inside hte Barn showing central ish tower down to mine and spawner, and up to attic/living quaters

The Nether Portal Room,
Yes 3 portals, yes all 3 link to the same place, and no it's not practical simply for looks!!!

and the current front entrance, nothing flash yet

Sp!at 19th January 2012 06:11 AM

Looking good. :)

DarkDuck 30th January 2012 07:08 AM

The Docks

Harbour Masters Office

the Warehouse (Warehouse 13 it shall be named)

DarkDuck 30th January 2012 07:11 AM

The Nether portal

So when you create your own portal, What do you do if your portal is in the middle of a lava lake...use loads of glass

There is a nether temple not too far away, well bloody miles but I will eventually make this path link to it

also some of the view

DarkDuck 7th May 2012 08:52 PM

the Tree Farms (3 of these, Birch, Pine, Jungle - each made of the wood of the tree that they house, small sections of forest were destroyed in the making of these)

the 3 Tree Houses

the Airship I said I would never make

An over head shot of my place (taken from the Crows nest)

and internal view of the underwater area I developed, all are welcome for an underwater relaxation session

Sorontar 7th May 2012 08:56 PM

Very nice. You obviously didn't get advice from Bazz on the engine design for your airship :p


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