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Congratulations to all who took on this challenge. I had a look around and found many verandahs with chairs, dingos in tents, rotary clothes lines and what seemed to be good attempts at locking up the local monsters. I even saw a piece of rock art. Well done everyone.

4 homes in Togstralia (there are a few other places scattered around nearby)

As indicated above, the shipwreck was found, as was Ned Kelly's fictional resting place. The gold chest wasn't but that is deep(ish) in a natural cave system. I'll leave that for future intrepid explorers. I did leave you a few clues at the cave in the form of lighting (but not much).

But the thing I am dying to know is how did you go with the bunyip/creeper and the redback spider? Anyone manage to contain them at all? How about the sheep, coloured or otherwise?


ps. The Tasmanian tiger was a red herring, in case you hadn't guessed.
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Originally Posted by Coralon View Post
Finally we captured a local menace, the dropbear. We kept him for a number of days in a special enclosure but alas these creatures do not suffer captivity well and he died shortly after. Then enclosure stunk to much to bother cleaning it out.

You sure it wasn't a pedobear then?

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  1. Tall ships - Locate and travel to the colonisation site (5 points, +5 bonus points of you do it by boat)

    At first I was a bit lost to where it was, but after a bit I had a good idea. In the process my boat hit the shore and exploded while looking..very close to spawn. So I had to swim my way there and camp out inside someones mine the first night....so much swimming.

    I was happy when I got to shore and found a welcome sign, the natives are so friendly.

  2. Stake a claim - Place a bed at the colonisation site (5 points)

    I decided not to stray to far from this initial landing site and found another brave settler. So went over and a little inland. Found a nice little depression and said this will work:

  3. Aboriginal masterpieces - Make a 10x10 wall piece of art using stone, yellow and red wool (10 points, +10 if you use sand or netherak instead of wool)

    Since I got off to a late start, I never got this done. Though it was one I was going to do.

  4. Home among the gumtrees - make a building that has a verandah/porch with a chair on it, a rotary clothesline, and is surrounded by trees. (30 points)

  5. Fire up the Barbie - Cook 5 pork, 5 beef and 5 chickens. Make 5 bread (20 points).

    I got this almost done. I had enough chickens, pigs, and wheat for it. When I stopped I had just finished breeding a 3rd cow.

  6. Didyabringyagrogalong - Store 6 buckets of milk in a dispenser (20 points)

    I have a fridge stocked with milk, yes
  7. One with the land - Grow and maintain 10+ wheat plants (5 points)

    At first I though oh noes there isn't much grass here. though after a bit of a walk I finally found enough to get started.

  8. Load of bull - Fence in 5+ cows (can be bred) (20 points, +5 if you fill one bucket with milk)

    Got Milk yes.And was starting to breed cattle. So almost.

  9. Fleeced - Fence in 5+ sheep (can be bred) (20 points, +5 for each colour in honour of multiculturism)

    For some reason the only non white sheep I found wouldn't follow me, but I did get several white sheep.

  10. Dropbear - Fence in and protect a zombie (20 points)

    I found a strange critter one night:

    In the future I think I would make a larger pen, as it caused me much damage getting it into such a small home.

  11. Bunyip - Fence in and protect a creeper (50 points)

    This animal was surprising easy to catch;

  12. Dingo - Tame a wolf (10 points, +5 if his kennel looks like a tent)

    I found the local dingo population rather tame once I got to know them. Sadly though a bunyip got most of them one night.

  13. Redback on the dunny - Capture a spider in an outside toilet shack (50 points)

    I though I had this..so close but the spider kept jumping at the last moment. On the upside I saw my first cave spider here in my basement. That poison hurts.

  14. Tasmanian Tiger - Find Herobrine (500 points)

    I though I saw something at the edge of the woods...but it could have been lag.

  15. Smelly Kelly - Find the burial place of Ned Kelly (20 points, +10 if you can take his iron helmet from him)

    Found and robbed his grave it was surprising close to where I had been traveling looking for livestock, but missed it several times I think.
  16. Sinking feeling - Find a shipwreck (20 points, +10 if there is any treasure in the chest)

    I found it because I was looking for sheep and there was a sheep way out in the water stuck in the current above the ship. The sheeps' desire for my food was stronger than the current though.
  17. Gold rush - Find a gold chest in a natural cave (20 points, +10 if it has any gold in it)

    Found a couple caves, but never got to far down other than the under my plot. Under my house is a ravine with an abandoned mine in it. The ravine actually goes all the way to river/water and has a waterfall entering it from there.
  18. Copycat - Recreate in any scale, an Australian landmark (70 points)

    Like the art I was going to do something, but ran out of time. I was just going to make a framed in plot of ground with some nether rock on it and say...Ayers Rock!

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Redbacks are surprisingly crafty critters and are very difficult to coax into captivity. After many attempts I finally got one coraled only to have a damn bunyip come and blow up not only the cage as I was blocking in the crafty arachnid but it also blew up the spider. At this point I concentrated the dropbear as the simplest to contain.

Still being new to MC it is really useful to see others work, I have had nothing but problems trying to contain animals as they continually jump over the fences. Otherwise I may have been able to claim the sheep with black, grey and white among the 5 I initially caught. Should have just eaten them
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I created the perfect lair for one to spawn but no spider would spawn!!!
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I suspect that for the animals the real trick was to get 2 in and then breed them to five. People have always had problems with them jumping out right from 1.8 in Sanctuary. I think that a planned fix is coming in the future update.

Well done to anyone who got the dropbear and the bunyip. Hopefully we have educated non-Aussies about Australian folklore and mythology in the process I obviously missed some of the artwork.

Now we just have find a date to celebrate Scandinavia [1] and some snow and a new list of challenges. Perhaps mid-Winter (southern hemisphere).


[1] And New Zealand and the US and .....

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