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Obsi 27th January 2012 12:39 AM

The Kelly Gang Shootout
We had an event, to celebrate Australia day, where players split up into 2 teams, "The Law" and "The Kelly Gang"... they had to build a fortress and defend their flag from the opposing team.

I found a cool map with 2 NPC villages next to eachother, so that became the battle ground - with a couple of train stations added and a bunker to start from, and some general clearing up and walling off the villages.
The Kelly Gang gets a lot built in a small amount of time
The law obviously had a lot of doughnut consuming to do before building.... but they got there in the end ;)
While both teams had lava nearby (one natural, one I made), only the Kelly Gang used it.
The Law went for a jumping puzzle/maze type fortress
The Kelly Gang employed a dastardly water trap to slow those breeching their base
And the winner was the Kelly Gang - with HenriDeacon making it through unnoticed into The Law's fortress... and after a little assistance (someone thieved the redstone torch from the chimney) the flag was destroyed - HURRAH!

Then we discovered there was a stronghold nearby so we went to kill the dragon and generally muck about.

... and finally.... it was decided that the Kelly Gang flag needed to go too.

(unfortunately I thought I was filming some cool bits of battle, but I didn't :( so that's a shame)

video of the area:

Sorontar 27th January 2012 08:02 PM

The Law team getting ready at the start.

Afterwards, we gathered above the stronghold found by Manuzza, all decked out in diamond armour (except the Jedi), ready to travel beneath the surface.

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