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Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
Nice job Duck... I like the patterns on the walls behind the chests!

.. there's actually a stronghold between Bazz and my place too it came with us during the move....

(it's so cool, everyone's doing it!)
So technically we now have three entrances to the end on that map where only one should exist? Well it's just that much easier to get in there then I guess
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4 actually... at least

One under Admiral, the original one that was in Duck's area, the one that we copied with Duck's area, and one from a different world that got imported when I imported the BazzObsi stuff.

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The big question might be whether any of the additional ones actually take you to the landmass in the End.


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the really big question is it all the same end? can you have multiple ends.......(I know ya cant)

My portal currently takes you into well void there is no ground, but I figure once the end's deleted I will enter it and build a bit of an obsidian entry or somethign to that effect
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