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DarkDuck 10th February 2012 08:38 PM

Castle Testificate AKA End Castle
Greetings Explorers

News arrives to us from the distant reaches of the globe, of a New Discovery. Far out in the vast ocean it was discovered an isolated Castle, a blending of Roman and Europian Architecture, the design of the Castle is semi Prison, Semi Fort.

On investigation it was foudn that deep in the bowls of the Castle lies the Entrance to the End, a mysterious plain where few have stepped.

Travellers, should you feel so bold, venture to he Castle, remember to close the gate behind you and face whatever horros lie within the End, make sure to say hi to the 7 lonely Guards who keep the place in a brilliant state.



++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Alrighty that was the Role Play part.

Hola all, with the move of my Place it appears the entrance to the End and a section of the Dungeon moved with me, as such I have created a suitible entrance to hte end, this is a Castle Complex on the surface, and you venture down into the Dungeon (DC retirement Home) before finding the End Portal

All are Welcome but please mind the Work, don't break things to get to the End you can walk there through the Doors. (though it is a slight Maze)
__________________________________________________ ____________
Map of Area

The Entrance

Inside hte Entrance

Bridge Cross Troubled Lava

Sorontar 10th February 2012 08:55 PM

And yes, he is allowed to have the villagers in the castle, because he asked nicely.

I will have to visit it. I haven't seen your place since the move occurred. Can we have some pictures so this thread fits in the Miner's Gallery.


ps. There should still be a stronghold in the corresponding area where DarkDuck's area was copied from. However, it will have no construction on the surface as it was regenerated.

DarkDuck 10th February 2012 09:14 PM

The Guard House

Bunks in the Guard House

The Kitchen

DarkDuck 10th February 2012 09:15 PM

The Armoury (chests fully Stocked)

The Main Chamber

DarkDuck 10th February 2012 09:17 PM

Dungeon Entrance

The Internal Grates and Stairwell as per WH&S

You can see the portal through here, how how to get to it

The Portal

DarkDuck 10th February 2012 09:19 PM

Now someone created a nice Checker board with a hole leading the the portal originally, as such I have simply built over it, but not blocked off the original hole this can be accessed via a small door on the visible pattern

though I did pretty up the "passage"

Sorontar 10th February 2012 09:32 PM

Also, under the normal rules, people aren't allowed to use any part of a stronghold in a claim just like you can't claim villages (cf. and Duck gets permission in this case because 1) we didn't realise that we had copied the stronghold, and 2) there should be the original stronghold at the original site. As long as there is easy access for the community to an unchanged stronghold and its End portal, I am happy. If anyone has issues with this, be sure to tell us.


DarkDuck 10th February 2012 09:39 PM

I should point out this has been designed as a Community Item like those in Spawn Village, I claim no ownership or claim over the land, I simply made a decrative Entrance.

The Entrance can be achieved by the warp

/warp Endcastle

AdmiralTriggerH 10th February 2012 11:23 PM

There is also a stronghold under my place which I added a portal to.

Obsi 11th February 2012 12:19 AM

Nice job Duck... I like the patterns on the walls behind the chests!

.. there's actually a stronghold between Bazz and my place too :D it came with us during the move....

(it's so cool, everyone's doing it!)

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