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Default Fisticuffs in the tent at Piedra Roja

On Thursday night, Espesh and El Bazzito saw need to prove their strength against each other. Rather than risk breeching the peace in the town of Piedra Roja, they wandered over to the Pugilists' tent to the south. There on the canvas, they contested in bare knuckle fighting.

El Bazzito was declared the victor!

And while El Bazzito was sure he saw the ghost of Espesh in the tent...

Espesh was actually buried soon after.


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It was a true battle.
I feel no joy in besting a worthy oponent, instead I mourn the passing of a fellow combatant - I look at my fists, stained with blood - and I do not celebrate the victory - I regret the need to fight.
I may have been the one to walk away from this terrible, base, display -but Espesh?
He was the true winner.
No longer will he need to parade himself for the amusement of all:
Never again will he have to prostitute his soul for the gain of others - no more will he have to raise his tortured fists for no more reason than the passing and fickle favor of a jaded crowd.

For Espesh is dead.

We are all lesser people for his passing, it is true - but we may stand, and in that quiet moment as the last bars of the dirge played for him fall to silence, as the last drained and dry sods fall upon his casket, as the last of those who loved him brush the weary dirt from their tired hands - we will walk from the grave, we will look at each other.
And in that naked moment, our eyes will meet - and unspoken the loss that tears at our hearts shall be acknowledged - and lacking courage we shall turn away and hope that tomorrow we shall not be found so lacking as we were today.

"I am walking through a medow - a dwarf walks right behind"

There is something in that for us all I think.
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he died a great man, his children can hold their head up with pride he has proven his clan worthy!!!
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I am not a man without guilt.
The shades of those that have fallen to my knuckles are with me day and night - they haunt what little sleep I can claw from the nights that torture me.

I did not mean to kill his dog.

Truth be known, I did not know the dog was there when I set off the tnt - but it was and my foolish actions killed it.
A lesser man may say that the blame lies not with me, but with those who laid the trap - I am no lesser man, and the death of that noble hound lies squarely on my shoulders.

If only it could have ended then.....

When Espesh called for vengence, with the blood lust in his voice and the righteous anger in his soul, I had to respond.
Once more I climbed into the ring.

It was my intention to loose - to give that man back the pride that I had stolen....yet when facing him across the ring, the red mist fell in front of my eyes.

I killed Espesh (again)

I wish he would have taken the diamonds and walked away - I wish he would have taken his love for the hound killed, taken his memories - taken them and lived to remember, lived to enjoy....
In the end I wish he had lived.

The blood on my hands will wash away, the scars on my knuckles will last the rest of my life - the stain on my soul will be mine for eternitity.

The time will come when we face off again, nothing between us but the skin that covers our knuckles, nothing to be fought for but the will to not have the other stand over us in victory.
We will fight again I am sure.

What tortures me is - do I have the strength to loose?
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=wipes tears from eyes= So hillarious... =holding sides= can't... breathe... bahahahha.

Brilliantly written.
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