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Default Porcine herding in the Wild West

Last night, the fence of Piedra Roja was extended and a new barn was raised. The animals had to be moved from the old pens to the barn.

Then the cry went up "We have no pigs!", for indeed the old pens had chickens and cows and sheep, but no pigs. So Espesh and Tuorok tightened their armour, readied their swords and journeyed into the Wild West to hunt for pink porcines. They were joined by Obsi, ready with wheat to lead them to their new home.

The rain fell as they hunted, across desert, through jungle until finally a pig was spotted. A quick search revealed more nearby, and so the arduous trek back to Piedra Roja started.

Tuorok had his wolfpack with him to provide extra protection, for it was a long journey with many dangers on route.

Eventually they reached the desert once more, picking up some more animals on the way. In the distance they saw the village (and treehouses).

At long last they made it home and secured the newly domesticated animals, allowing everyone a rest.


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It took all 3 of us about a day's worth of travel (in different directions) to find any pigs, and about a day and a half bringing the herd of pigs back!


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I'll share some pics I got, as frustrating as it was, I had a great time.
Fantastic teamwork and more pigs than we set out for meant mission accomplished. The town now has pairs of farmable animals of all sorts.

Obsi surveys the crossing while Tourok, our point man, makes sure it's safe on the other side.

Abit hard to make out, but Tourok and his wolfpack take on a zom after crossing the lake. Obsi and herd keep a safe distance.

Finally emerging out of the forest and into the start of the desert, in the end, we basically had to cross the entire desert biome in the area.

Atlast! Home safe in thier new Amish barn, Obsi puts the pigs to feed and water and we all take a well deserved rest and share a feast of bread.
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"Atlast! Home safe in thier new Amish barn, Obsi puts the pigs to feed and water and we all take a well deserved rest and share a feast of bread."

Or dear lord XD baahaha
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