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Default Almost half of MMO users buy virtual stuff

I mean seriously... Half? Woah! I was directed from this Massively Article over to Gigaom which had the report in question. Frankly I'm surprised, I had no idea it would be that high. I wonder how many people were surveyed, and exactly what qualified as a virtual world/stuff. Particularly whether it includes free to play games that offer paid for additions to subscribers. I'm presuming that subscriptions themselves don't count...

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As a player in free to play mmo's in a hardcore guild I saw lots of people spending fortunes in the item mall. A lot of that money went to stuff that only makes your character look better or a flashy new mount but even more went to the upgrade items we had to buy to refine our equipments. Without exceptionally well refined equips we would not have been able to do high level instances and pvp at endgame level. But on some of the newer free to play mmo's such as ether saga online made by perfect world, you can actually buy item mall stuff with in game money. But for that you need a lot of in game money, we were only able to do that because we played in a hardcore group that shared everything and farmed together non stop.

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I know a lot of raiders in WoW used to buy money on-line to pay for farming. It was either that or grind for hours, upon hours, just so they could raid.
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I remember the old days of grinding cash all day in Asheron's Call so I could grind xp all night and cover the expenses for that, hahaha.

Free Realms really has exploded, already up to 5million subscribers now, those free2play games are really growing fast. They must be making quite the impact. I suppose when reading the article I was thinking more along the lines of illegitimate virtual trade (gold purchases for example) but yes I see there's plenty of other avenues for legal trade too.

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Hi Guys,

I've used micro-transactions myself from online games by the game publisher itself. Whether that's: MindArk, IGG, SOE, & EA / DICE as of late.

Right now the micro-transaction model is being used exactly as how the Asians have developed it. Wait until we start getting hybrid game payment models, which SOE's "Free Realms" is hinting at presently. That is a game subscription upgrade with micro-transactions to a free to download and play game.

Some game publishers that already offer only game subscriptions. Could go the route of developing an item mall that includes auctions (I.E. SOE Station Exchange) and Micro-Transactions. All the while keeping the game subscription payment model, meaning zilch on the F2P (Free 2 Play) option.

It's very possible.
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