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Reoh 13th January 2010 09:16 AM

SyFy/SciFi Channel's "One Earth" MMO
SyFy/SciFi Channel in conjunction with Trion have already revealed their plans to work an MMO title together, that appears to be named "One Earth." It has a singular angle in that there will be a concurrent television series airing along side of it. The show it seems, will evolve based on what players are doing in the game, and vice versa people who watch the show and then decide to hop in the game to try and make what they want will have an effect on the game. Its a curious proposition and I'm eager to hear more of it. ;)

Judging from the interview footage it appears that the game may be a futuristic Sci-fi (no pun intended) themed trot about on an alien planet, with the appropriate ensemble of weird alien monsters to cause problems. Looks like there's also at least one sentient bipedal alien race which will likely provide the counterbalance for the human "heroes" in the show.

Source - Kotaku
Link above is a short article + video footage

Imfir 13th January 2010 11:52 AM

Oh wow, interesting . . Iíll have to read up on that now .:)
just going by what you wrote there, , so there may be a chance a character on the series could be playing the character of a created player in the Game, (well kinda implies it has that possibility) which that would draw in a large audience, the thought of your creation could be on a Show is very a seductive treat to play the game . . that is if how they wanted to do it ;):D

Reoh 13th January 2010 02:44 PM

I think for the most part, the "TV" characters will probably be main NPC's in the game, and the success or failure of their efforts in game (pve? pvp? who knows) will guide the story down different paths. Although, thats just an opinion and I wouldn't rule it out. Especially if they did some sort of competition now and then to reward a hard working player.

Imfir 14th January 2010 01:29 PM

yeah, now after reading some of it, that sounds more like it.

I ams ure they'll have like some kinda player reward, I mean I know it would be cool if one of my Characters were a tv star, for a few minutes, then for days I can tell every one,, did you watch it? did you see that really cool dude . . That was Me :D

I still think that would draw a large group into playing the game, events that could land your toon in a part of a series

Reoh 14th January 2010 03:53 PM

You know, given the tendencies of game developers and scantily clad female armor over ridiculously proportioned women in these games; This show could be very popular!

Ariya 14th January 2010 11:52 PM

That mmo could become very popular if the tv series would be good.

I can see why this draws your attention Imfir ! You should know that Imfir is very talented when it comes to winning "screenshot of the week" contests on Allods online. =)

Imfir 15th January 2010 12:47 PM

Oh wow, that is a interesting thought to think about, and scary. The scary part is the gayish looking clothing that males wear.
well, I could see a lot of wanna be screen writers sending in their take on a series , heh, Iíll probably be one of them. I would have to play the game first, then know how to add my party into the series. Already have one thought up in my head, but first before I could go further, I need to know who the main characters are in the series.

Actually have not won any SsotW, yet, only SSotD

Reoh 15th January 2010 06:56 PM

For the love of all thats good in the world, don't let it be like Hercules and Xena...

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