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Thumbs up City of Steam - Closed Beta in Mid November

Greetings everyone!

I alpha tested this game and then bought a Collaborator pack to help support this small indie's efforts.

This game runs rather smooth for a browser game... It looks like a stand-alone client and their alpha looked like many game release versions! It is that smooth and fluid!

Here is their website:

City of Steam Beta Test

Here is the latest news from one of the Devs about the coming Closed Beta..
***My special offer is at the bottom!***

Author Topic: Gear Up to Beta Test: Springtide! (Key Giveaway and Others) (Read 157 times)CoS_Dorian
Gear Up to Beta Test: Springtide! (Key Giveaway and Others)

November 09, 2012, 10:49:58

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Dear players,

The Countdown is ticking away! If you look up, there’s only about one week (or less, if you’re reading this late) until the first Closed Beta season: the Springtide! Which means, time to gear up for a breathtaking (and butt-kicking) adventure in our Industrial Age Fantasy game! So, how to get in on the action?

First of all, subscribe to our newsletter! We know, we know, we’ve been constantly nagging you to do so, but for good reason. What do you get from the subscription? Regular updates from us on the latest game developments (about once every 2 weeks, nothing spammy), some other fun stuff, and as an added bonus you get a chance of getting your own Beta key!

If you prefer not to take any chances, you can get guaranteed access, support City of Steam, and get heaps of awesome extras all at the same time! How? Simply check out our Collaborator Packs (deleted the link to a crowd-sourced-like funding section which may be against TOG's rules). Your support helps immensely in improving and speeding up development.

Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Twitter! All the likes, shares, subs and re-tweets add up the steam-o-meter which in turn pushes us to release features earlier (not to mention dev humiliations!).

And last but not least, keep your eyes peeled on updates on the site as we are in the process of teaming up with media sites to give away a limited amount of free Beta keys! They include:

Blistered Thumbs
Flesh Eating Zipper
God is a Geek
Got Game
MMO Bomb
The Escapist
(And more to come! The list will be updated along with links of the key giveaway pages, so stay tuned!)

Meanwhile, Oggy (one of our hardcore fans) will also help us give out some keys in the new episode of the Behind the Steam podcast! This time the show will feature two of our most devoted player mods, Rune and Winterschill. Drop by, have fun, and try to nab a key!

Good gaming,

City of Steam Dev Team

*** My offer = I have 2 extra Closed Beta Keycodes to give out. This closed beta IS 1/2 testing, 1/2 play preview. This beta runs through December. And Open Beta will appear early next year. If you only want to look at the game but have no intentions of trying to test it or want to help through December, then give someone else a chance. I would rather that 'lookie-loos' don't ruin this offer...sorry. -(

So first 2 PMs get the keycodes!

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