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diablo52270 9th January 2013 04:01 AM

Tera Online Initial Impressions
Hello fellow TOGgers! I Just spent a bit of time with Tera as I'm questing (wink) for an online home after a long absence. I happen to like it very much. It looks stunning but the interface requires some getting used to. That's OK by me as change is part of life n'est-ce pas? Besides You have the choice of using a controller if the keyboard is a bit much and I'm too stubborn to give up as I'm still getting acclimated to Age of Wushu, an MMO that requires lots of patience.
I read one of Tera's official short stories at Amazon (.99) and liked how the studio gave some background on this new universe adding a bit of extra dimension to NPCs. Just don't expect Pulitzer material and take it for what it is.
The only real problem I have is reading the tiny font. Being an older gamer this can sadly be a deal breaker for me. According to the forums there is no current fix. I'm running it on a 15" laptop but will try it out on a larger monitor later.
I would love to read what anyone else thinks. Cheers!

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