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Default Dust 514 - Playstation ONLY???

Anyone have info on this?

Free to download and play exclusively on the PSN, DUST 514 fully supports every aspect of the PlayStation ecosystem. Its persistent universe and groundbreaking interconnectivity with the hit PC MMO EVE Online® are only possible on the PlayStation®3.

In addition, DUST 514 will feature a PlayStation®Vita companion app that directly interacts with the game world, a high-quality PlayStation®Home space, and complete support for PlayStation®Move.
Free To Play - DUST 514

I hope I am not understanding this correctly...
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It is PS3 exclusive. It's been known for a while.
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What a bummer... It's been known for a while? Okay, thanks for the info... Had you not shared that it's been known for a while, I would never have understood the first portion of your post. Thanks for the clarification.

Anyone know why?

edit added: Anyone heard plans to open it to the rest of the market?
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Old 17th January 2013, 07:11 PM   #4 (permalink)


Yep, Im predicting its going to struggle. Was looking forward to it too ;-(

Apparently, Sony agreed to allow CCP total control of the game servers maintenance. X-box didn't, hence why only released on Sony.
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I have a PS3, which I love, I was tempted to check this out but I cannot aim with a console controller. We bought a mini KB and mouse, we could never get it to work properly, sad because this game looks awesome. EVE fans keep hoping for a PC port, myself included, which they claim will never happen =/.
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