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Harmless - Post: 2

Default EVE Online, the challenge to come.

Hi fellas, you probably have heard about the non-consensual PvP, harsh and cold world of EVE Online, where epic battles take place every second, for those you never seen it before, here are some visuals of this beauty:

Im usin this particular trailer since its gameplay footage, anyone can make a cool intro, but this is how it looks when it matters.

If you never gave it a try before, seriously, do it, its completely different to everythring you have tried before and its definetively worth it, guaranteed.

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Hi Furi0n

It's great to see another player who is as into EVE as we all are. I noticed you have an application in the Baracks pending approval so when you become a full TOG member you will be able to view our MMORPG TOG EVE Division as well. All TOG Players who sign up and play EVE usually filter through the EVE Division forum which you will soon be able to view. Ebony Tears is the DC & I am the VDC for the EVE Division so feel free to contact myself or Ebony ingame or on the forum to discuss any TOG corp venture.

The TOG EVE Division here is very active with the TOG EVE Alliance which has a 200 member strong main corp called TOGOA. In the alliance is TOGRN (TOG Royal Navy) which is our PVP arm and is available to all members when they reach a certain skill level. We also Have TOG FW corp with our Faction Warefare and DUST pilots. There are a number of additional Industrial and other corps in the alliance but they are all TOG based.

I'll keep an eye out when you are accepted so jump in the EVE Division and post up. We'll get either Zudalian (CEO) or Aelphis (OX) to catch up with you and they can outline what we get up to in game. We also use TS a lot and we have a fairly regular showing on there. It's a great place to chat and get up to speed with everything that goes on.

The activities we get into cover almost all aspects of EVE from Incursions to low sec roams to WH raids so you can be sure there is something to do somewhere..

I'll leave it there until we get you signed up.

Take it easy and hope to see you in space soon. o7


p.s. This is how into EVE I am. I created this video using all ingame footage captured with Fraps. All the pilots in the video are TOGERS except for GOON Swarm camping the Jita gate. anyway check it out if you get a moment.

EVE Online Tribute - A Night Orbiting Jita Gate - YouTube

"Old MMO gamers don't die. They just end up playing EVE..."
My EVE Tribute Video - A Night Orbiting Jita Gate
EvE - Blitz Kriegar & Vorian Atreydes
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Harmless - Post: 20


Going to try this game out and see what it is like. Hopefully I can see some people who are on.
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