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Originally Posted by Ludy View Post
I am really hoping for a short ugly race. So ugly that it makes my character creation even harder to top what the random creator gives. I mean 10x worse than the GW2 Asura ugly factor.

See I go for shock and awe. Shock that anyone would play a character that ugly and awe at my dance skills. Naked dance skills on tables and mailboxes normally.
There is a short and Ugly Race, Also an Elf type race... Nothing further.
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New Races vid.

And their page on the Official Website: Pssst | WildStar MMORPG


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I love the crazy insane laugh of the chua, just a pity they look like evil pokemon
Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb

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This game really grabbed my interest, been following for about a month now ... the irreverent comedy and the graphics really appeal to me. Hope to get in soon.
And for those that haven't been mining through youtube for fun clips lately, some new goss has come out on the last two classes (healer / engineer), hoping for an official announcement soon.
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This has to be one of the best Vids to come out from Carbine yet...

Heres the latest Dev speak video to the recently released class the Medic...

Here's 15 minutes of in-game footage with IGN talking to a Dev about the medic class. It shows off the UI nicely and also shows you how you'll be able to swap your spec out on the fly. An awesome feature i believe will lead to allot more healers and tanks being around...

Hope you all enjoy those...

Cheers Zhul
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Some information regarding creation of guilds.

Chief_Sarcan Guilds, Runecrafting and Housing Review Part 1 - YouTube
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