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Default Leveling Guides

Just found this site www.arkfalls.com that has some helpful info for the following areas, especially the data recorders which can be difficult to find.

Mount Tam (EGO 1-150)
Defiance Leveling Guide: Mount Tam EGO Rating 1-150 | Arkfalls

Madera (EGO 150-250)
Defiance Leveling Guide: Madera EGO 150-250 | Arkfalls
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I'm almost 300 and just hitting Madera. Now I do every side quest in an area before I move on and a fair bit of Arkfalls.

Not saying the guide they made doesn't make sense but I am not finding it difficult to level just by playing the game

Edit: Good find on that site C4. I am finding some information on progression that I was a bit confused on. +1 rep

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Heh, I was going to say, I don't seem to be having too much trouble leveling apart from remembering to spend EGO points (I get caught up in a murder spree and suddenly it's 3 hours later and I've got 5 points to spend... =)

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Originally Posted by Ludy View Post
Not saying the guide they made doesn't make sense but I am not finding it difficult to level just by playing the game
Those level ranges match what we were doing in Alpha/Beta per zone on average. Also the alpha/beta many of the pursuits in combat/enemies etc were broken.

Plus count the bonus levels you got from all the +1 Weapon Bonus (4 Ego Rating per one), plus the bonus 10% exp bonus. Im 380 halfway through Madera, last alpha I was barely 250 at that same point. lol

I personally skip all the optional side missions, Random Encounters are great exp and are really quick.
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