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We do have our issues from time to time, and like all organisations and groups of people, the drama llama has been known to pay us all a visit.

But we are all reasonably mature and we all play games.

And we have a "The" in front of it all just because
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"The" implies greater importance.
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Sure! Welcome!

Some cultural guidance:

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Is this posed for purposes of rhetoric?

If you have to ask such a question from the folks who are active and happy here, I suspect you have some reservations. Nobody but you can make an answer for that. While you figure that out, you put time in and this will resolve itself one way or another.

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aaaa too many yanks
Eve online,iracing,
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Hmmm... I live in the norteastern U.S.
This is an Australian group? Welp, guess it's time to hang up my captain's bars and go play somewhere else!

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Though I don't currently play in any TOG divisions, and regardless of the occasional issues I've had (and sometimes caused) over the MANY years I've been on the roster, I can safely tell you that The Older Gamers is a great home for an online gamer from any part of the world, including the U.S. I still pop in from time to time to see what's going on in the TOG world, and even outside of TOG, and carried on many of the gaming friendships that I formed while active at TOG.

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