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Old 17th June 2013, 07:51 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Is TOG a good home for US gamers?

Same as title. Seems like a good question since the guild is Aussie based. I am interested in joining as an olde busy gamer.
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TOG is worldwide, there are always lots of US based players around.
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TOG was founded in Aus by a German and we have grown worldwide now, most games we play have a US/oceanic Guild sometimes split if we have our own servers Down under and a EU guild.
The MMO's that have AUS/US mixed in together normally have two separate raid groups to match the different time zones, but also allows the people that play off peak times to there own zone to have a chance to group up.
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You mean to tell me this is an Australian guild?!?! Since when???

hehe :P
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I've been playing the wrong divisions lol. I am in Aussie heavy divisions but I still have fun, had to change my sleep schedule a bit to squeeze in working a 9-5 though.
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I've been in TOG since May 2004, I have been in over 12 TOG MMO guilds, this community, is without a doubt the best gaming community I have ever seen. The Older Gamers is based in Australia, that is where it started, but by no means is it a non-USA gaming community. Its roughly a 45/55 split is most games, but I don't mind at all since I love gaming with Aussies.
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This Massachusetts gamer says yes!
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With TOG I've played alongside US, EU and Oceanic players in the years I've been here. We're definitely *not* Australian centric - perhaps the Aussies are just more outspoken about their nationality =)
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[blah, blah, blah]
I live in San Diego, California. The Older Gamers is a perfect home for me. Over the years, I've joined quite a few North American guilds. In almost every case (except 1), NA guilds are full of a**hats who imitate Guild Officers & Elite members. And they were constantly filled with drama. I've been banned from a few and have been removed from in-game guilds for speaking my mind when I saw officers doing things that were against their official guidelines...but because they were officers, I was banned. And I reported the offences in private messages to the guild leaders...never posted them in the forums.

Since TOG is an official non-profit organization, they have to follow much stricter rules. But these people are actually much less strict and a lot more fairer. The things I reported about officers in other guilds wouldn't get me banned here...I would be thanked for reporting the behavior. Are all the TOG officers/leaders saints? Heck no. But most of their issues are dealt in private meetings and are decided over time by all the officers...not just 1 or 2 leaders. This is the kind of guild I would rather join than one with "God-complexes".

Now, granted... TOG doesn't permit trolling/spamming. For example: While I can state that Snowbull is a frustrated arm-chair movie director and AlphaGamma is just plain looney...I won't be banned for it in an instant. I'll be asked why I said those things and it would all be worked out. The reason why I don't say those things, except as examples, is because both of those people would probably come back with funny and put-you-in-your-place zingers that would show the world how stupid I actually am. Issues are usually dealt with humor and everyone goes back to enjoying the games/forums. In fact, I think one of the requirements of an officer/leader is a huge sense of humor!

So, yeah, if you like a fun, fair, funny, fantastic (sorry, 4 f's are my limit) guild, then TOG is best suited for you.

[/blah, blah, blah]


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Overall, yes.
Good people.
Organized game settings.
Good structure.
Cheers to father.

4 of 5 stars.
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