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Old 9th February 2015, 06:06 PM   #1 (permalink)
Harmless - Post: 45

Default Massively Coming Back

I hope it's ok to post this. I don't know what site other people use(d) for their MMO news, but I was always a fan of Massively.com. When I was getting tired of WoW, I started noticing their articles on WoW Insider more and more. I'd already played maybe 5 MMOs by that point (either in beta or for years in launch), but never really paid attention to more than 2 MMOs at a time: my current affair, and my next misstress.

Massively changed that for me. The writers there didn't seem like a bunch of suits. They said things that were real. They had their "carebears," something I feel most PR driven sites won't admit, but they also had PvP guys who enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, not just going out for e-tears. Though I enjoyed Joystiq as well, for many years, I used them mostly because they were more neutral than other sites and felt trustworthy because of that. Massively, to me, was the only MMO site I felt I could truly trust.

And then this happened. I know, I'm late on the news a bit due to some RL problems. Still, no one mentioned it here, so I thought I would. These guys have good ethical standards plus one of the better blogging communities. I thought maybe some fellow TOGers would be interested at least in the news of their Kickstarter.
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Harmless - Post: 12
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Thanks for the info about them coming back and the Kickstarter link. Much appreciated.
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Deadly - Post: 1387


Massively.com have been my main MMO source for the past 4 years.I'm glad that they found a way to be back

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massively, massively.com, massivelyop.com

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