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Default Camelot Unchained

I post in the MMO Tavern but thought I might post this here as well. If anyone is interested in an RvR game you should take a look at Camelot Unchained. It is very early in development ( the first Alpha was last week ) but seems to have alot of promise.

If you played DoAC early in the game and loved it, this might be worth a look.

That being said this is Not a PvE game the focus is on RvR and a player based economy where the vast majority of the gear that will be in game and used by players will be created by players.

One of the founding principals of the crafting system in that a crafter will be able to make money from their crafting right from the start and all through out the game. In fact Crafter is a stand alone class that in addition to creating gear will be able to build and design actual buildings, roads bridges and siege equipment.

The combat is tactical more so then most PvP game I have seen and new player aren't going to be at a huge disadvantage vs long time players as progression is horizontal instead of vertical.

Is this game for everyone? Not at all, but it is well worth a look if RvR is something you enjoy.

Check out the website www.camelotunchained.com/

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RvR? Realm vs Realm? Is there a PvE aspect?
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Mostly Harmless - Post: 78


According to the Developers there will be very little if any PvE in Camelot Unchained.

The game will be Realm vs Realm combat and crafting. From what I have been able to determine mobs will be few and far between.
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Mostly Harmless - Post: 78


This is the first game play video posted of Camelot Unchained. The video starts around 4:59 in the Twitch stream from Cohh, who is from what I understand is a well known game streamer.


The link is to the replay of the twitch stream.

The game is still very early in development and this isn't a marketing video it is actual (edited for character view changes ) in game footage of a battle which took place in alpha testing. Take a look and check out the Camelot unchained website.

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