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Default the DAoC character Thread

Please post your DAoC characters here.

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Wardofthestate - Albion - Lamorak - 50 Heretic
Ralihat - Albion - Lamorak - 43 Sorcerer
Handa - Albion - Lamorak - 31 Cleric
Purduefriar - Albion - Lamorak - 39 Friar

All these toons are in a guild called Retribution. Good guild although it has some younger members. But most of those know the game and play it well. We regularly power level lowbie toons to get them to Battleground levels quickly and with some decent equipment.

I also have some under 20 Hib toons on Gareth but I haven't played there in weeks.
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Tons of characters of all kinds of levels so can easily group with anyone starting afresh - too many to name them all, but main ones I am playing atm are:

Midgard - Merlin
Orban - 43 Thane
Asgalgard - 27 Healer

Hibernia - Igraine
Sharna - 27 Nightshade

Albion - Lamorak (some on Lancelot as well)
Only just started on here so they are like 5 lvl or below types
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I have several on lamorak and Igraine but I can only remember the lastest I have been playing:

(Think of the priest in Princess Bride when you say the names )

Gwimweeper - Lamorak (sorc) L20 --- Feer meh!
Gwimhawatic - Lamorak (tic) L6 --- Rocks in open spaces!

Joined up with Handa's guild Retribution, man, full group TD's Rock ) can you say l--awnmower!

--I been playing this when I need a break from Eve
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Midgard Lancelot <-- main server and realm that I played
Gorne Norse Warrior lvl 50 ml10 rr4
Kievos Kobold Runemaster lvl50 ml10 rr5
Kievoz Frostalf Spiritmaster lvl50 ML10 rr4
Halftroll (bot) Troll Shaman lvl50ml10 rr4
Sorke Norse Hunter lvl50 ml4 rr4
Mehit You Die Troll Taxi lvl50 ml0 rr3

Albion Bors
Keleg Necro lvl50 rr4
Festinn (bot) lvl50 rr2

Got some hibs somewhere too but cant remember where and I dont have any active accounts to find out lol.

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On the "Classic" servers:
Gareth - Hibernia
Marchosias - 30 Vampiir
Fungusguy - 20 something Animist
Anickar - teens Blademaster

Lamorak - Albion (Guild Leader: Lemegeton)
Abalaam - 20'ish Pally
Anickaar - 20'ish Pally
Markosias - 20'ish Cabalist

Plus a rag-tag set of others Infi, Sorc, Reaver, Thuerg, Friar, etc.

Ector - Albion
Marchosias - 25 Cabalist

My "semi-retired" 50's are over on
Percival - Albion (Guild Leader: Shadow Legends)
Marchosias - 50 Cabalist
Amduscias - 50 Minstrel (Power/Taxi Henchman)
Abalam - 50 Paladin
Stolas - 50 Cleric (Buff/Rez Henchman)
Naberius - 50 Theurgist
Jeanpaul - 20 something Heretic

My Henchmen were always "actively" played - i.e. they're swinging weapons and casting spells too, not just standing there during an encounter... Started using henchies 'cuz I prefer to solo and hated waiting for some cleric to run half-way across a zone or more to rez me, and 'cuz I hated the downtime waiting for power to regen :P
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Just a quick update. I'm mainly playing:

Markosias - Cabalist level 30
Mowzee - Sorceror level 30

And (very occasionally) doing champion quests on Albion/Percival with:
Abalam - 50 Pally
Stolas - 50 Cleric

Some basic links for those still playing the game:
Character Builder (kinda outdated, but pretty good)

Guild Emblem Previewer (seems up-to-date, slow to load tho')

Charmable Pets (way outta date, but still some useful info)

Also, with the 5-year anniversary of DAoC, you get a double-XP bonus for hunting in "classic terrain." The details at:

Enjoy! Anyone up for re-building the pet guide? I may be able to host it on one of my web-sites....
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Hi all - just for info

On my travels on Merlin Mid I recently joined a guild much like ourselves ie over 21yr olds. They are called Archangel and seem to be a great bunch of people and very helpfull. So, if you're ever starting up on that server/cluster it's in then give them a shout.

I've mentioned TOG to a few people there - seeing as how both sides have the same criteria it would be great if they could join up - would be a home for them to communicate events or whatever and hopefully get a DAoC forum of it's own right on here rather than just a semi-active sticky.


Orban - Merlin Midgard
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Hi, nice to find this forum. I am one of the AARP qualified gamers. We have a small Hibernian guild on Igraine called Celts Gone Wild. About 75 percent of the players are over 40. We have some young ones but they have been through some maturing experiences like military service, parenthood, etc.

Hib - Igraine
Penniesfromheaven, bard (co-GM, Celts Gone Wild)
Dormouse, arb animist
Strongandsilent, blademaster
Tweehugger, verd animist
Sistermaryporkchop, warden

On the way up: Jumptheshadow, spec druid, core guildie for Tuatha De Dagda alliance

Albion - Lancelot, Brocolitian Guard
Darjeeling, minstrel
Eichu, cleric

We've played for three years and still love this game. I hope it's around a long time.
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Old 14th April 2007, 04:30 AM   #10 (permalink)
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Anyone still playing on Igraine, Lamorak or Merlin servers?

I've been playing a mid/thane on Merlin named Grozillaz.....message me if in game.

(picture goes here)

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