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FPS Archives
Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat, Wolfenstein 2009,
ArmA2 and expansions, Server Admins,
Kestrel, Team Fortress 2,
War Thunder Archive, Battlefield 1942: War Room,
Tiger, The Apocalyptic Stables (Private),
ArmA Old 1, Archived CSS Server Ops,
Razor, Mech Warrior Archive (Private Hidden),
Hydra, EU/NA Modern Warfare 2 Squad,
Battlefield 2: The Hot Spot, Everything Unreal,
Maelstrom, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars,
Borderlands, Chivalry - Medieval Warfare (Public),
The Vampires' Castle (Private), Hellcats Haven,
Operation Flashpoint, Mars - Gods of War,
Hailstorm, Hawken - War is a Machine,
Home Guard, Combat Arms,
Tribes: Ascend, Left 4 Dead,
Red Orchestra Collection, Battlefield 2: The Banshees' Haunt (Restricted),
Battlefield 2: The Insertion Point (Private), Battlefield 2: The Werewolves' Den (Restricted),
Battlefield Vietnam: CyberSlam Competition (Private), Battlefield Vietnam: The Landing Zone (Private),
Battlefield World: The Trenches, BF2 The Mods Forum,
The Briefing Room, Crysis,
CSS - PRO League (Passworded), Day of Defeat Source: The Bunker,
F.E.A.R., F.E.A.R - retired,
Fedaykin - NA/EU (Private, Hidden), The Forsaken Lair (Private),
The Front Line, Frontlines: Fuel of War,
Furys Retreat, Hellcats Haven (faulty),
Hellhole 2, Isurava (faulty),
Isurava Camp (Private), The Kokoda Swamp (Private, Hidden),
Nemesis, Odin,
Omega Outfit, PlanetSide: The Warp Gate,
Sandakan, Sandakan (faulty),
Saratoga, The Slimers Mess (Private, Hidden),
Soldier of Fortune: The Shop, Special Forces Ladder (Passworded),
Spitfire Hangar, The Steam Room - Old,
Thor - Hammer Time, TOG Call of Duty League,
Unreal Anthology, The War Zone (Private, Hidden),
World in Conflict, The Zombies' Crypt (Private)
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MMORPG Archives
Guild Wars 2 Archive, The 4th Karazhan Group,
Bah, Another Ten Man Achieving Nothing!, EVE Archives,
Tired Old Goats, Scruffy-Looking Nerf-Herders,
Imperial Stormtroopers Trade Union, WOW - Thorns of Grey Raid Forum (Archived),
Exalted, No Guts ... No Glory!,
MMO: The Reserves, Auto Assault,
Knight Fight, The Battle Isles: GW PvP,
Deadly Epic Failures, AOC - Wildsoul (pvp),
Can't Raid a Pantry, Volkmar - Destruction,
Chaotic Menagerie, Aion (Archive),
The Grumblers, BYOB,
Onyx Crafter's Bazaar, Amber Squadron (8pm Brazil -3 GMT),
Delta Squad (GMT -3), Left Over Taco Bell (CST),
Hellgate London, AOC - Gwahlur (pve),
North America -Destruction (Badlands), EU Guild: Asmodian race Telemachus server,
Champions Online (Public), Allods,
The Nibblers, Crafter's Bazaar,
Grey Squadron (7PM EST), RR25,
All Points Bulletin, Ten Noobish Toons,
Thorns of Gold - Raiding, AOC - Bloodspire (pvp),
Europe - Order (Karak Azgal), Night Owls,
EverQuest 2 Public Forum, EQII Calendar,
Reign of Death, Order 66,
Gold Squadron (WST), WoW Archives,
TOR Archives, Star Wars Galaxies: The PA Hall,
Dagon (pve), Volkmar - Order,
Fallen Earth (Public), Scrubs,
Kelly’s Heroes, Blue Squadron (8pm AEST),
Vanguard, RTFM,
Jumpgate Evolution, Geriatric Genocide (Closed),
TOG Yarr - Port Royal (Private), M'kay,
Thursday Night Team, Thralls of Gothmog (Not Wanted),
Gold Squadron (8PM WST), Silver Squadron (NZST),
Neverwinter Online (Public), The Lootzors 25man,
The Underbog - Triumph Over Good, LFF: Quests & Instances,
Abandon All Hope (Closed), PRO,
The Full Monty, Runes of Magic Public,
Emerald Dream - Templars of Glory, The Tenacious Ten,
Tenders, Perpetuum,
Chronicles of Spellborn, Voyage Century Online,
Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Zerg,
Junior Officers Cantina, RuneScape,
Thistle Company, Age of Conan (public),
Altaholics Anonymous, Altzsheimer Industries 01,
Anarchy Online, AoC: Euro Guilds,
AoC: US/Oceanic Guilds, Battle Logistics & Mining Inc (Private),
Blackrock - Talons of Grey, Thunderhorn - Thorns of Grey,
Rift Archives, Dark Wombat,
Deathwing Raid Council (Private, Hidden), The Defias Brotherhood - The Orphans Grim,
Dunemaul - The Old Garrison, Europe - Destruction (Karak Azgal),
EverQuest II: The Blood Haze Inn (Private), EverQuest II: The Midnight Tavern (Private),
EverQuest II: The Starcrest Cafe (Private), SW:TOR Archives,
Gods and Heroes, JM10,
Khaz'goroth - Thorny Old Guerillas, Lineage II: The Ivory Tower (Private),
Nagafen (PVP), Ner'Zhul - Talons of Gold,
The Old Garrison - Raiding, The Old Grudge - Raid/Instance Signups,
Oceanic (Lustria - RP), Organised Disorder Inc (Private),
RF Online, Silverhand - Tales of Gold and Grey,
Star Wars Galaxies: Space Dock, Tabula Rasa,
Thorns of Gold - Raid Council (Passworded), Thralls of Gothmog (Old),
Voyage Century Online Officer's Club (Private), Vanguard Halgar PVE,
Vanguard Sartok PVP, Warhammer Online (public forums),
War hammer - North America - Order RP (Phoenix Throne), World of Warcraft Archived Forums,
World of Warcraft: The Ritual of Summoning (Private), World of Warcraft: The Shady Rest Inn (Private)
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