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Originally Posted by gamerstalk View Post
currently i'm playing with NBA live 08.
i am doing the same right now
admiring 3d wallpaper
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Not playing anything right now thanks to a variety of RL events that simply made gaming too difficult to organise. I am however in the process of organising a Burning Wheel campaign after a one-shot (the Sword, for those in the know) went down extremely well amongst a group who have AD&D 2ed, and D&D3.5 as their ONLY experience.

It's going to be a Gothic fantasy, revolving around a conquistador style invasion of another land. Politics, intrigue and brutal bloodshed (plus a little bit of mysticism) will be the order of the day. I have basic frameworks down, now it is a case of putting the idea to my group and then getting them to help me fill it out with the things they want to see.
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I'm currently playing in a Deadlands campaign, and am DMing for the very first time, running a D&D 4e campaign for a group of new-to-PnP players.
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I am currently playing in a Warhammer Fantasy 2nd Edition RPG campaign. I am in the process of writing up an Old Republic Star Wars campaign for the new Saga Edition.

Also, I will hopefully be getting my copy of Descent via Australia Post here soon.
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Having a 5 player game of Hero Quest tomorrow night. Most of them are tabletop noobs so HQ has a very easy learning curve and you still get the 'feel' of games like Descent and D&D. Using D&D minis instead of the included ones, and I'm gonna throw a little 'roleplaying' into it by describing places and things that are happening in more detail than just shoving down doors and cupboards
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Originally Posted by bookbuster View Post
I'm currently playing in a Deadlands campaign, and am DMing for the very first time, running a D&D 4e campaign for a group of new-to-PnP players.
We (wife, myself, 3 other TOGgers) are doing a Deadlands game, as well.
We're doing the D20 version, though. We have the original, but the D20 is so much easier for old THAC0 players to learn.

Alternately, we have a couple of D20 Modern games going.
One is semi-standard fare, the other is Year of the Zombie.
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Recently finished up DMing a very long ( ~3yr) 3.5 D&D game this summer. And convinced an old friend to GM a Shadowrun 4th ed game on that night. Its nice just playing now.
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Been DMing 3rd and 3,5 ed D&D for 8+ years in Forgotten Realms.

Now I'm a player and it's fantastic

Playing Pathfinder (Kingmaker setting) and that's a really fun pre-made.

My char:
Xuvaani (female human), Fighter lvl 8
Stats: 22 str, 15 con, 16, dex, 8 int, 9 wis, 15 cha (rolled 4d6; discard lowest and best of three).

Playing weekly with 4 other friends and last week we established our 5th city

If you havent played Pathfinder yet, you better try it! Fun to get a pause from questing with kingdom building and I cant wait to start with mass combat (as my char has the General title in the kingdom)
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Currently playing Traveller using a variation on the fudge rules (Tues Night), Fallout (as in a game set in the Fallout universe) using Strands of Fate (Wed night) and alternating between D&D 4th ed Dark Sun and a Tribe 8 game that's just started (Thurs night. I'm running the Tribe 8 ). Also about every 4 to 6 weeks doing a all day session of Pathfinder with the Second Darkness campaign.

Each group is a different mix of players with some cross over. More fun than watching TV!
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We're doing Pathfinder when we get a chance. Everyone in the group has a family, and right now 2 people can't play at all. We're on pause since the hubby and I can rarely make it together. The hubby and I usually play once or twice a week with just him and me when we have the energy. It's a lot different that way.
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