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Dangerous - Post: 843

Thumbs up Plug for a fellow TOGer's new game

A fellow TOG member has launched a new card game called Dash-in Dungeons. Great short game for 2-5 players, with no additional equipment needed. Check out the URL and be happy that you're supporting a fellow TOGer if you decide to buy it.


PS: The fellow TOGer is not me. He can choose whether he wants to disclose his forum name
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Harmless - Post: 4

Talking Dash-in Dungeons designer (DaBling) says "Hi"..

Hi fellow TOGGers..!

Thanks for the plug DaBang... [and.. no I didn't put him up to it.. ]

As mentioned, Dash-in Dungeons is a fast-play, old-school, role-playing game with a system and components based entirely on custom-made cards (same size as Magic:TG cards so they fit in all the accessory pouches and boxes etc.. BTW) There's almost 500 cards in the Basic set and it's not a collectible card game!

If you're a fan of good old-fashioned no-fuss, dash into the dungeon, slay the monsters and grab their treasure games, and you've got an hour to spare - you may like Dash-In Dungeons. It's a portable, 'beer and pretzels', mini-RPG which has elements of board gaming and card-gaming without the preparation required to run regular RPGs. It's not designed to replace the current excellent range of RPGs available out there - it's just designed to fill a niche...

I designed this game because I wanted to play it.. with a view that perhaps other people might also like it..

If you think this game might appeal to you, please take a look at the free demo version (PDF) on the website. Dash-in Dungeons

Any and all feedback is welcome.. though don't feel you have to fill-up the forum with it.. more than happy to take any feedback off-line..

Thanks for the air-time guys! GAME-ON!!

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