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Originally Posted by Justin Kace View Post
Oh mah lordy, my favourite rpg of all time, and you look to be a Melbournite as well!! Any room? Or do you know any other avid Shadowrunners who you could recommend me to? To me? Anything for a game of Shadowrun!!!
The Shadowrun game is on hold at the moment unfortunately. TickledBlue has not been able to run recently.

For other players you might want to check out this thread.
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Role Player, not rule player!

It's all about the creation and progression of an entertaining story. The type that can only be created by multiple points of view stemming from engaged and creative / imaginative players.

The rules are only there as a basis or guideline for helping the story flow and take shape. To me the rules are like the referee in a game of Rugby League. It is there to keep the game moving and fair.

If the game is allowed to continue without hold up (sometimes because the ref lets "slight" rules infringements go because it is in the spirit of the game) than you have a good game.

If the game is frequently stopped to enforce every little rule, than you end up with a long drawn out session that few players enjoy.

The best game of league is usually measured by how little involvement the referee had in the game ... I feel this applies to good RPG sessions as well
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I consider myself a role player. I don't think the system matters if the story is focus-based. I tend to prefer Wold of Darkness (the original, with Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse, not the new setting) for a basis for modern age stuff even if we're not playing Supernaturals: The Overwhelming Majority" and 2nd or 3rd Edition AD&D as the basis for fantasy. I would also use the Eve-Online setting with a White Wolf-like d10 system for science fiction (if I felt so inclined).

Honestly, the BEST Live Action Role Playing game I was in allowed everyone in a so-called "Vampire" LARP-- we even had Highlander-like Immortals running around. It didn't matter; at one point we went about 6 months without a single power being used because it was all player-driven politicking and plot. In fact, the ST was incredibly cool about us ignoring everything going on around us plot-wise-- less work for him with a 100-person game and one helper. Once the Mages got demolished by the HIT Mks for throwing fireballs at whoever knocked at the door (true story) and the new Prince Bloodhunted most of the surviving Immortals for beheading a few Kindred "just in case they could Quicken them" most of what got tossed around were Social and Status challenges for about a year until we figured out how to manipulate the Storyteller's big bad guys against other players.

In fact, every good game that I've been in has pretty much been a homebrew game, except for Paranoia. Every "campaign" that I've seen that lasted for any length of time pretty much implemented all story-based experience, regardless of the system. How else do you play a politics-based AD&D campaign for years?

I don't believe in "ignoring the rules" on a piecemeal basis; there needs to be consistency from session to session. When I play AD&D, the Wizards have a certain number of spells available and the Paladin must be Lawful Good. There must be balance, as well, so the Wizard is more focused away from duplicating every other class out there, and the other classes are buffed up a bit to be balanced at the higher levels. Every game must have consistent rules internally or it's no longer a game. However, every game I've been in has been about the story and the interactions and choices and politics. Sometimes the choices are about which set of monsters to kill or which Elder to hunt down and drain, other times they are about whether to take the opportunity to betray everyone else for personal gain. Sometimes there seems to be no good choice, and it is up to players (including myself) to find a way to work through a bad situation and still come out ahead in the long run.

One of the reasons I prefer deviating from "known" rules is that it preserves some of the wonder. If you don't know exactly how Diablerie is going to affect you but you know that it will (because you've seen problems with every other person who has done it) then you get really nervous-- just like you should. You KNOW you'll benefit this way and that, but you can't predict the drawbacks even though you know that somehow they are consistent.

As well, one knows how magic works for the Wizard in AD&D, but that person from another land seems to have an awfully screwy-- but clearly similarly limited-- way of handling it herself. In the meantime, no one can get their minds around how to stop that Abomination from wrecking the world if it should ever wake up because how it uses magic is even more alien. And somehow they all exist in the same milieu.

So for me, role-playing actually works back into roll-playing because it can require entire new mechanics and new philosophies (perhaps imported from other games) behind how effects can be created-- and they have to be reconciled theoretically with what is already present and known even if the players never find out how it all works beneath it all. I guess I've been blessed over the years with having a handful of others willing to put the time and energy into creating these sorts of stories and frameworks in which to tell them.
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I think i'm role player. .

Truly saying, excellent role playing game I was participated in is named "Vampire" LARP
My favorite time spending is a homebrew game, besides Paranoia.
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Depends on my mood. Sometimes all I want is a shallow character, a simple story and the fun and games that go along with it. I typically prefer to focus more upon my character but I still like my mechanics.

I suppose that I'm really in the middle. If a game becomes to much of a 'pass the stick' then I lose interest because frankly we all may as well spend less effort to do it. Too much emphasis on the mechanics and soon the characters are just sheets of paper with stats.
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Role Player all the way I like to work out a basic story for my characters history and come up with a good reason why I would pick certain things at the start. OR said differently my character has to make sense, not just roll well
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