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Pen and paper games Discuss ADND, Warhammer and other PnP games here!

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There has recently been a google groups mailing list set up for organising game groups. It's pretty much Melbourne based at the moment, but I don't believe it's just restricted to Melbourne.


"The Geektogether happens once every season, where several game groups and gamers without groups get together to have a few drinks and tell tall stories about gaming... and organise new game groups! The Geektogether mailing list supports this, bringing Aussie gamers together. The last Geektogether was March 1st, and there are already 3 new game groups from it."
There was another post looking for gamers for a new RPG earlier today (as in the date of this posting)
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Hello all,

I kept meaning to look for a pen and paper place in the forums, since it seems that most of the folks I see applying to play with TOG have a background in the old pen and paper realm. I currently play once a week-ish (depending on schedules and such) with a group that use the MapTool virtual tabletop (it's free, and very well supported) and a Ventrillo client to play a homebrew Savage Worlds campaign. Being able to play online means that as long as the hours we play are compatible with your schedule, you can play a pen and paper campaign!

We generally play on Thursday evenings from about 6PM until sometimes as late as midnight/1AM PST (which makes it begin Friday mornings for me here in South Korea). In any case, the adventure logs (which I've been writing for over a year now), as well as more information about the campaign (including who to contact, and how to join if you are interested) is located here: Shades of Shadora | Obsidian Portal.

If you have questions about MapTool, I can point you in the right direction, but I've not had much experience with anything other than the user/player aspect...

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If anyone is out in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne around Croydon, Realm of Legends holds daily tabletop gaming sessions, with a few nights a week dedicated to D&D, Warhammer 40k 4 times a week, as well as M:TG sessions once/twice a week.

They're also a retail store, and stock plenty of gaming materials, and hold occasional events / tournaments.

190-198 Mount Dandenong Rd, cnr Civic Square, Croydon 3136
Website: realmoflegends.com.au
Phone: (03) 8215 9344
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Originally Posted by Mephiston View Post
...Realm of Legends holds daily tabletop gaming sessions, with a few nights a week dedicated to D&D, Warhammer 40k 4 times a week, as well as M:TG sessions once/twice a week...
That sounds great, Mephiston. I've been looking for a PnP RPG group for a while and have currently been getting into D&D 3.5 and Star Wars d20. The Wednesday/Thursday nights sound good - do you need to book to join, or do you just roll up?

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Default Adelaide Dice'n'Paper groups

Hi folks,

Wondering if there's any Adelaide based dice-n-paper groups out there open to new members. I'm in my 40s, and played a lot of AD&D 1/2, have many AD&D 3.0/3.5 Ed manuals and PDFs of more (including 4.0 Ed). I've run campaigns in AD&D, Rolemaster, ShadowRun & Cyberpunk 2020 in the past and played quite a bit of Warhammer FRP, Judge Dredd and Traveller Classic.

Looking for group with world building/storytelling ethos (as opposed to minimax power gamers) and mid-30s - mid-50s age group.

Will travel for the right group. If there's enough interest from like minded gamers I'd be willing to host in Belair if needed.
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Default Adelaide Pathfinder group starting

Hey guys, about to start a campaign in pathfinder D&D...

We had 4 but 4th had to quit, so we are looking for 1 more (myself and AdzDooM)

We are going to be starting by finishing off the beginner box (we have a new player, and I am relatively new to DM'ng) and then moving onto our own campaign (probably Rise of the Runelords, or my own, but open to discussion)

We are in Adelaide, so if you are from Adelaide, we will also be doing meetups every now and then to do it properly!

Doesnt matter how experienced or not you are, happy to help out.

We will be starting tomorrow night at 7pm (central Aus time) so let us know!

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Default Canberra Pathfinder grp

Hi guys i was wondering whether there are any Canberra based pathfinder groups? A mate and i have just picked it up and would be keen to find a grp. I have just attempted gm'ing for the RotRL adventure and its very new to me, and i think i would be more comfy playing than leading.

anyway we are mid 30s and looking for a grp into mid 40s

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