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Duckforceone 6th June 2008 05:15 PM

4e Dungeons and Dragons is released
well boys and girls. Today is the day that dungeons and dragons is released anew. After work, i'm off to the gamestore to collect all my new books. :)

can't wait. It's a frigging great game....

BlackIce 6th June 2008 07:11 PM

I have ordered the set from Amazon, but don't expect them to arrive for a few weeks.
It is crazy, but to buy them in Australia will cost $120. To get the same set from America will cost $70 and that is including postage halfway around the world.
There just isn't any justification for that sort of markup, and with the ease of ordering online there is no way I am going to pay it.
We have already got the adventure with quickstart rules, so will be trialing that out tonight.

Jia 6th June 2008 09:20 PM

Same here, BlackIce - I found out that ordering the books in the US and paying for the postage is still far more cheaper than buying them here in Germany. Globalization, anyone?

Let us know what your experience with 4E is like!
After putting some thought into it (and looking at my more or less defunct 2nd Ed. book collection), I've decided not to get 4E for the time being. I never liked 3E very much, so I'm more than just a bit skeptical!

Zhul 7th June 2008 08:02 AM

Mine just arrived - like 30 seconds ago! Woot!

BlackIce 9th June 2008 12:58 PM

Well, I guess I found the downside of being undecisive about buying the books and preording at the last minute. Looking at the Amazon page, my copy won't be shipped until July 22nd, Delivery estimate: August 15, 2008 - September 5, 2008. :(
They must have underestimated demand, and (rightfully) must ship out by order date. My friends copy shipped on the release day.

We did get one copy locally, and did give the adventure a run through with the prebuild characters. Based on everything we saw and did, I like the changes. The game really has been streamlined a lot. Many things I hated in early versions, and a number of things I didn't realise I hated have been stripped away. Combat is more fluid and the characters have been rebalanced and increased at early levels. Lots more health then before, but just as vulnerable (losing 3/4 health in one round was possible, but the quick heals and effective taunts mean the rest of the party can remove the danger effectivily).
I do have some mild concerns that the damage you deal may not scale well with levels (we got to lvl 3 in one day. 3 encounters). It looks like the ability to resist damage will grow as the creatures and you do, but the damage from the core abilities does not. This could lead to long endurance fights and slow down the gameplay in general. However I havn't yet read the core rules, so will have to reserve judgement on that. There might be some mechanics I havn't yet seen.

FunkyJ 16th June 2008 01:31 PM

Has anyone played around with the online stuff at all?

Would be keen to hear people's experience with that because I'd love to have a d&d run with my mates back in Adelaide over the net...

Ninja Gizmosis 18th June 2008 08:14 AM

let me know about the online stuff too please as I find i need more and more of it.

Alesdair 18th June 2008 03:30 PM

*makes first ever post*
Well jia, from what i've seen of 4e, not liking 3e or 3.5e shouldn't be a problem. The only think I could think as i looked over the pre-release info was that it looked a lot more like the original D&D than anything since. Actually also kinda reminded me of the Paladium System that Rifts etc was in.

BlackIce 18th June 2008 07:20 PM

My copy of the books did ship about 6 days after release, which was a lot better then the 6 or so weeks the site was initially showing for more stocks.
In the mean time I have been reading a friends copy of the players handbook. Still got quite a way to go, but I am no longer as concerned about the portential lack of damage scaling I mentioned in my earlier post.
The base attacks (at will)don't really seem to scale any better then shown in the quick start rules, but you should get enough of the once per battle abilities (per encounter) and once per day (daily powers) attacks to mean you rarely have to rely on your base abilites.
We are yet to play a game with our own characters and the full rules, but looking through it has managed to raise interest that I havn't had for 15+ years. I will admit that I am not so interested in the role playing side, but the use of figures on grided maps and clear movement and attack abilities appeals to my board game/wargamming nature. It also removes a lot of the difficulty often placed onto the DM to have to try and clearly describe positioning and distances verbally.

I spent a bit of time on their website the other day trying to find out anything about the online features, but couldn't really find anything. A bit of discussion about their league, and how to make and continue a drop in/drop out character that can officially be taken to anyone elses registered games. I am sure that is not the stuff we are looking for.

BlackIce 18th June 2008 07:43 PM

I just had another look. Turns out I was in the wrong place. I was looking at the RPGA, which I am still not sure exactly what that is.

The online functions are called D&D Insider. It is not currently available. When released it will provide a number of subscriber only features, and a few features that everyone can use (like access to the map development tool).
The FAQ can be found here. You have to scroll down to the D&D Insider bit.
Since I know everyone will want to know this bit

Originally Posted by FAQ
How much will the D&D Insider subscription cost?
$14.95/month, or you can buy a 3-month or 12-month subscription at a discount. A 12-month subscription works out to $9.95/month.

Personally I think that is too dear. It is the same price as most MMORPGS, and although it has some nice features, you wouldn't get nearly the same amount of use/play time out of it.
At most our group will probably only be playing once a fortnight, possibly only once a month. Even the most infrequent player of an MMORPG would be playing about 2-3 times a week for the same cost (and you can't solo in full RPG. It is everyone or no one)

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