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fantomas 5th February 2010 10:57 PM

Potential source of cheap(er) RPGs
I just discovered Book Depository has a US version of their site (been buying from their UK site for a while now). Out of curiosity I did a search on some RPGs and noticed that they have them there for sale.

While I try & support my Local Stores in Melbourne, It's hard to pass up the savings from buying from here. Plus Book Depository delivers free to a lot of countries (including Australia)

From some searching the appear to stock Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu etc), Catalyst Games (Shadowrun etc), White Wolf (World of Darkness), Wizards of the Coast (D&D etc) amongst others. Was disappointed they don't appear to stock Pinnacle stuff (Savage Worlds)

Free shipping worldwide on all books from The Book Depository

Does anyone know of other online stores that stock RPGs at reasonable prices?

Mortuorum 9th February 2010 03:02 AM

After shopping several online RPG suppliers, I generally find that I get the best prices from... Amazon. I personally use a lot of material from Paizo and even subscribe to their Paathfinder adventure paths series. But even with my subscriber discount, it's still usually cheaper to get Paizo products from Amazon than it is to get them from Paizo directly... and Amazon offers free ground shipping (in the US, anyways).

I have also gotten some great deals on older RPG material through the Abebooks used/remaindered book portal.

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