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Default Talisman Board Game

Any Talisman board gamers here?

A friend recently tried getting our 6 yr old daughters into the game since the game is based on 6-sided dice and they can do the simple addition and substraction but usually, about halfway through, they get bored and then the dads finish the game

We were thinking about playing it over the phone or maybe using some teleconferencing software to play. Might even be do-able using Visio or something.
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Has been many years since I've played it. Have some friends that play it once a year or so. Not sure what version/flavour they play.
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I own this and love it. My daughter, now 25, grew up playing this game. I haven't played in many a year as I can't find other folks who are interested

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I used to love this game, anyone tried the CyberBoard adaptation using the MegaTalisman GameBox 3.0 hosted over at Talisman Island

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I used to play frequently, but I haven't dusted off the box for a few years now. I can't imagine trying to teach my five year-old daughter to play.

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yep .. i own it plus a few of the expansions - city/dungeon/star scape yada yada ... loved being the Warrior of Chaos or Leprechaun. Thanks for the amnesia trip.
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Recently replaced my long lost original boxset out of nostalgia. Looking forward to getting a few players together.

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Used to play quite often but then I got married and had kids. I think getting a new copy at some point would be cool. My copy had an extra copy of the rune sword sheet so two people could get it.
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