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Pure Mongrel 8th April 2010 06:42 PM

Online gaming aids?
Hi guys.

I am looking for some programs that will allow me to host an RPG campaign online.

I figure I can use Vent, Skype or Team Speak for the actually conversing part (unless someone has a better idea?), but what about dice rolls, sharing of pictures and maps?

Thanks in advance for your help :D

Mortuorum 9th April 2010 03:42 AM

Start with Obsidian Portal. I think you'll find it very useful.

Either of these dice rollers might serve your needs:
Secure Dice
PBE Games: Dice Roller

fantomas 10th April 2010 08:06 PM

OpenRPG, Vassal, Battlegrounds, iTabletop, Wyrm Tools, RPTools just to name a few.

There used to be a site that had comparisons of various online rpg tools. Can't find it and don't know if it would have some of the newer tools that have been coming out.

I've used a couple of these, but as to which one is the best, it really depends on the type of game you are playing and what you want the tool for.

Pure Mongrel 14th April 2010 08:49 AM

Thanks guys :D

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