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Pen and paper games Discuss ADND, Warhammer and other PnP games here!

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Playing Game of Thrones card game atm, really really enjoying it.
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I've got quite a few board games myself
I've always had a soft spot for Twilight imperium, give me a shout if you're organizing a game
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Originally Posted by Dressy View Post
Playing Game of Thrones card game atm, really really enjoying it.
Game of Thrones card game? I suppose it's cheaper than the Game of Cards throne game. Anyway...

My immediate group are huge Munckin fans. We've (collectively) purchased Cthulhu (all editions), pirate, space, zombie, deluxe regular, western, and super hero. they are great

Fluxx has been another card game with themed expansions that was fun. The randomest game I've ever played. It also comes in Cthulhu, pirate, and space.

Also, anybody tried Risk: Legacy? My group bought a copy to try it, and after one game we all had to have one.

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Finally got my copy of City of Horror on the table - and it was good fun! Its a game you certainly dont get the idea of from the rules. There are 4 turns (representing 4 hours before rescue from the zombies), and each turn you get to move 1 of your characters (6 player game, we had 3 characters each).

It sounds like it would be all over in about 10 minutes, but each character has a special ability (but then they are worth less at the end of the game, assuming they survive of course). Then each location has a special ability, and finally you have action cards with abilities.

As the game progresses, more and more zombies pour into the city, death becomes inevitable, and so you frantically attempt to influence others to vote with you (and throw someone else to the horde).

Definitely going to give it some more play, first time was tough at first.

Also been playing a lot more Space Alert - that game is a lot of fun. Even failing is fun!

And speaking of Space Alert, this is pretty cool

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