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Default Looking for a 5th player 4th DnD

Hey guys

My mates and I have recently started a 4th ed DnD campaign. We only have four players (including the GM). Currently we are npc'ing the controller of the group (Warforge - Mage). We will continue playing like this, though would be nice to have an additional member.

Details and requirements as follows;

1) has to live near/around Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
2) Be available once per month on a Saturday evening, generally between 19:30 and midnight.
3) Be willing to play a controller (other roles are set). Doesn't have to be the Warforge Mage above.
4) be over near or over 30 (age group is around 40).
5) respectful, polite etc etc.

If your interested send me a PM.
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aww... Eberron... I hate Warforged, plus I'm not in your country. I didn't know you really needed a controller to play the game... I figured it was up to the DM to balance the encounters to the group, and throw in curve balls where appropriate.

Then again, the last time I DMed, we had 1 cleric, 1 rogue, and 1 melee type, I threw in a mage type NPC in for them.

Last time I played, I played a sorcerer that had a high STR and invested in melee ability to go along with front-line defense and damage spells.

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