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Thumbs up FATE Dice Kickstarter

With the success of the FATE Core kickstarter, Evil Hat has moved forward to launch a new kickstarter for their own line of dice.

Fate Dice?: Dice For Your Fate & Fudge Games by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions — Kickstarter

Originally Posted by Fred Hicks
Here at Evil Hat Productions, we're getting ready to launch our own line of branded Fudge Dice, which we're calling Fate Dice™. We will make four sets (see below), and we're interested in seeing if you fine folks want us to take that even further. This Kickstarter campaign is how we're going to find that out!

Fate Dice™ are a premium line of Fudge Dice. Each package contains three sets of four 16mm fudge dice each (12 dice total). We've gotten right down into the details and rethought everything about Fudge Dice. We've made the symbols larger and wider, so they're easier to read (and can accommodate some thicker and heavier ink options). We've given the symbols more personality than before, with rounded, flared ends and a gentle curve expressed throughout the stroke. We're using materials and color combinations that have never been on the market before for Fudge Dice. For sale in game stores everywhere, we've designed the packaging to stand upright on its own, lay flat, or hang from a hook for an ideal range of display options. For our customers, we've put a "surprise" image behind the dice to give you an extra smile and thank-you from us here at the Hat.

When it comes right down to it, these are dice that you can display proudly alongside all the other fancy non-Fudge dice in your collection—we know you have one—giving your Fate and Fudge games an extra dose of style. Top to bottom, these are Fudge Dice reimagined—Fate Dice™!
Centurion Dice

Core Dice

Atomic Robo Dice

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