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Cool Dixit

Thought I'd mention this game to anyone who might be looking for something different to play with their mates, or family, or whatever.

I guess its a board game (it has a scoring board, and little bunnies to show how far along each player is).

The rules are extremely simple, you can learn the game in 30 seconds. Each player gets a hand of 5 cards, each of which show a picture. Taking it in turns, each player becomes a story teller - they select one of their cards, and tell a story about it. The story can be anything: a word, a phrase, a poem, a sound - anything at all. Each of the other players selects which of their cards they think fits that story. All of the selected cards are arranged randomly, and you all vote for the one that is the story tellers.

If you make it too obvious (ie just describe the card), everyone will pick it, and you get no points. Also, making it too obtuse so noone picks its also gives you no points.

The artwork is amazing, each picture can tell multiple stories (if you have the imagination).

A single game takes about 30 mins.

This isnt a new game, but I'd never heard of it. Not your average board game at all, its something different, and exercises a different part of your brain. Win or lose, you still have fun. Winning is almost incidental to playing and experiencing the game.

There are a few expansions now (just got a couple in the mail today in fact...). Some people have their preference for the art style of a particular set. After a quick look thru the expansions, I think I like the original art of Dixit 1 the best.

Also, the word "dixit" is latin for "he, she, or it said"
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Here you go: Will Wheaton's TableTop(one of my yt favs.) gives you an excellent idea about it.

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Dixit is a great game. I bought it and many others after watching Tabletop. It is a very social game for the family an i get beaten by my 11 year old daughter. Even my 7 year old is always near the lead.

I currently have Dixit 1, 2 and 3.

We play them seperately but will mix the cards if the game starts to get too easy.
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