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I had my first game of Lords of Waterdeep just the other day, its certainly easy to play, but has some depth, which I need to come to grips with.

I've had a few games if Cyclades now, that's good fun, and pretty easy to learn.
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You seem like a bit of a fan of Small World from your pic earlier Henri

I just played my first game of it today - thought it was great fun! Simple mechanics, but I really liked the way the races and powers are mixed up for each game.

Played Hanabi too - that was fun, although I stuffed up a couple of times. For the price (its about $12 or so), its well worth it.
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Originally Posted by HenriDeacon View Post
Once Upon a Time is designed for a group of players where winning is secondary to telling a good tale. I think a person 'playing to win' would ruin this game pretty quickly.

You can also add your own cards to the game, and i'll put some in that my kids will find funny.
That looks like so much fun. I am considering getting it for my group of friends.
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Once Upon a Time is awesome when you add your own custom cards. In our last game i added 44 cards and it turned out great. I trashed a few since and we currently have 36 additional, and will add a few 'in joke' cards depending on who is playing.

Before the game i stressed the game is about the story rather than winning. Everyone had a ball and wanted to play a second round. We had a rule that after you play a third card the story automatically passes to the next player. Also, players are given 2 endings to choose from and discard one.

I typed up a list of our extra cards for you. These can be added to or changed, like if you are playing with Star Trek fans then add a Spock character or custom endings

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