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Default Pathfinder via Maptool - Seeking Players!

Greetings and salutations!

I'm looking for a player for our gaming group that gets together at least once a week on Sunday (@ 12pm UTC -5) and occasionally on Thursdays (@ 12 UTC -5). We play entirely over the web using Maptool which is set up to run the Pathfinder ruleset. We are currently level 8 and roughly midway through the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path.

The ideal candidate, to quote our GM, must be players "who like teamwork and roleplaying." The group as a whole is friendly and easygoing. Our party includes:

Level 8 Fighter, aka The Stranger
He's a stoic battle tactician specialized in stout defenses. Wears a full body suit. Not a whole lot is known about him, hence why he's The Stranger.

Level 7 Cleric/1 Holy Vindicator, Edward
A devout priest of Sarenrae who recently became a Vindicator of the faith on behalf of his goddess. He also fancies himself as a scholar and diplomat.

Our group really needs a third player and possibly a fourth. You're welcomed to play whatever you like, just as long as it's found within Pathfinder. If interested, feel free to drop me a PM or reply below.
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Hmmm... sorry for this late response, but this is East Coast time?

Am I to understand that Thursdays is also noon time? I wont be able to do that, but the Sunday is very plausable. I am also a little familiar with maptools, but I haven't used it lately. I've mostly been using Roll20.

How long do your sessions last?

I do have the tools to create a pathfinder character, and love playing a sorcerer with dragon heritage.

I'm unfamiliar with Legacy of Fire, which would be a great thing.

I can also check with my wife if she is interested, but no promises on her schedule.
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