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Question RPG/FPS Cyberpunk Idea

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but anyway, an idea.
A 50 Km diameter dome city, 25Km tall at the highest point, a bit like world of warcraft in terms of the size of amount of detailed buildings, interiors, N.P.C's and masses of usable items, heaps of different types of each, including guns, armour, cybernetics, mobile phones, laptops, furniture, musical instruments, cars, vtol, food good and bad (extremely rare good food and everyone must eat or starve), drugs, cameras, video cameras, jewellery, real estate, synthetics (robotic animals/ humans), tattoos, hairstyles, medical equipment, high tech gadgets and infrastructure, like, a police force, banks, corporations, factories, insurance, import/export, bus and train services and libraries.
All new characters would reduce the number of npc's in any particular "realm" but not the population. Play as different roles and have different abilities, like:
Rocker: Needs an instrument peripheral like in band hero and can set up "gig's" or "busk" drawing a larger crowd at higher levels for money or political persuasion. Can ask for donations or give a speech, inciting the crowd to action if you play the instrument good enough. (can backfire)
Solo: Can draw the gun very fast, as if gun was already drawn for first shot and the crosshair is always up. More combat perks at higher levels.
Fixer: Can easily get black market items, gets them cheaper with level and can hire "thugs"
Corp: Can easily get normal items, gets them cheaper with level and can hire corporate security.
Cop: Can "order" citizens to "freeze" and stuff like that, can call for backup and access to more police resources at higher levels.
Tech: Can fix any item fast with less "repair" "fuse" and "upgrade" parts at higher levels.
Medtech: Can "stabilise" injured biological organisms with less medical equipment at higher levels.
Reporter: Can attract and politically persuade more npc's at higher levels with an internet connection, mobile phone, video camera and a speech, much like the rocker but without an instrument.
Nomad: Can call on gang members for help, starts with a bike, gun or black market item. (can restart from death, all nomads start outside the dome.)
Netrunner: Can "interface" with the internet via cybernetic "data jack" access to more programs at a time at higher levels.
The game should start off with hundreds millions of npc's, some very stupid, others very smart, doing all kinds of stuff, robbers robbing, cops catching or not catching them, maybe some getting killed and the population reducing with each npc or player's death. If you or an npc don't have a home, you or the npc are homeless. The computer will "take over" with a chance to regain control at intervals, in certain situations it will take over in different ways.
Addiction: computer will attempt to take you to the last known source of whatever "addiction" and attempt to recreate conditions that the addiction occurred in.
Psychosis: computer will automatically try to recreate the conditions in wich the psychosis occurred.
Sleep: Every 24 hours without sleep or drugs the computer will attempt to find an appropriate place to sleep.
Narcolepsy: If your char fails to sleep or succeeds in staying awake too long they will simply fall asleep at some random point.
Any time a ballistic firearm without suppression is discharged inside the dome it is sensed by sensors, which are hidden all around the city and can be destroyed but that sets off an alarm at the police station, as does firearm discharge. Brandishing a firearm, excessive vehicular speeding and dealing in black market items are also arrest able offences. There will be a very very expensive insurance policy you can get that monitors your vital signs and sends a team to rescue you immediately if you are endangered.
Make a whole other 3d virtual word inside the game and call it the internet, a bit like the "plane of oblivion" in the game Oblivion but only accessible via datajack, with a 2d version on regular screens for people without datajacks. A skilled Netrunner can access cameras, synthetics, auto guns, bank accounts, power bills and remote controlled vehicles from his mobile phone, but can't do anything with his physical body, while "jacked in" the character would appear to be in a coma. Giant desert outside the dome, repetitive dunes for thousands of sq Km. You can get shot in the head and live, if you get stabilised quickly enough, but would likely be induced into a coma to stabilise severe brain damage. Recovery times would reflect those of a real life healing situation, in some cases the computer would make random "rolls" to determine if you live, remain conscious or stay sane possibly causing death, coma, "berserker rage", "lucid helpful state", "sluggish/blurred vision" or the likes.
A character can get injured badly enough and have to spend, in real time, months in a hospital, but you could just make a new character, however after a death or hospitalisation/coma, a new character will start as a homeless, penniless, jobless person and has to work their way up to being able to get a job, can't get a job without nice clothes. Mutants and nomads outside the dome have to try to find water and food sources while avoiding noxious toxic bad zones. Petty criminals get chucked out of the dome and it's hard to get back in, more serious criminals go to jail and possibly get busted out but that's not easy either. Gambling, cheating, corporate espionage and the person you're cheating or assassinating or asset acquiring or whatever, could be an npc or another player. When you log out your char goes back to being an npc and is reserved for your use later. When you start for the first time you get to choose from any low-mid income npc to make your char from.
I was thinking there could also be some sort of Wipeout 2097 antigravity and waepons and regular racetracks, some arenas with speedball, martial arts and athletics/Olympics and that's where the gambling idea came in, betting on your friends in fights and races and stuff like that, if you think they'll win. I also wanted to incorporate a Thrixxx style interaction with other char's and npc's, making possible npc creation and heirs.

I don't care so much about profiting from my idea, just playing a fun realistic first person shooter, role play game based on the paper and dice game from decades ago, called Cyberpunk. Names changed to protect one's self from copyright laws, of course.

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Obviously going to be an 18+ game. I want key elements from Deus Ex + The Elder Scrolls + G.T.A + W.O.W + Band Hero + Speedball + Libero Grande + Wipeout 2097 + (almost anything) Manager + Borderlands + Bushido Blade + Tenchu + Metal Gear Solid + Sims + Thrixxx + K.S.P + Gran Turismo + Surgical Simulator + Casino games. This is a ground breaking idea using old but good ideas. Somebody start up a games production company and hire me as a creative director , STAT!

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