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Bort 10th September 2013 10:26 PM

New board games I've been playing
Well, new to me anyway....

Lords of Waterdeep - introductory worker placement game. Takes about 10 minutes to explain. Very nicely presented. The cubes (representing fighters, clerics, rogues, and wizards) are a bit dull - so I bought some custom made meeples from a guy on bgg, same colours, but cut into representations of the actual class.

The expansion is just out now for this too, and seems to be getting good reviews. I feel like the base game will keep me happy for quite a bit longer.

Love Letter - had this for ages, kept on chucking it in the game bag for board gaming, because its so small. The entire game comes in a little bag, it has 16 cards and a couple of tokens. But you get a lot of fun in that little bag. Another easy to explain game - take a card, play a card, your hand is always a single card. The cards are various ranks, up to the Princess, and you want the highest card at the end of the round, to get your love letter to her. A bit of deduction, a bit of luck, but entertaining stuff, I'm looking forward to playing this quite a few more times. Cheap as, well worth throwing into your next order.

Libertalia - this wasnt on my radar for ages, because its actually a pirate game, which the name doesnt really suggest. You play pirates trying to split up your booty. The game lasts for 3 campaigns, each of which is 6 days long. Booty is handed out randomly for each day, from very good (treasure chests), ok (jewels/goods), potentially good (maps - worth lots if you can collect 3), and bad (cursed relics).

Your deck consists of 30 cards with various unsavoury characters, from the lowly ranked ships parrot, up to the Captain himself. The starting player randomly chooses 9 cards, and then everyone picks those same cards from their deck, so you're choosing from the same deck. Each card has an ability as well, that can go off during the day (before booty is taken), dusk (when booty is taken), night (after booty), or on the 7 day of rest - at the end of the campaign. Some characters can have several of these abilities.

So, each player secretly chooses a card to play for each day, and the highest rank gets to pick his booty.

Its actually quite a quick moving and interesting game - pretty easy to pick up after a bit. You make your decision on a card based on what has already been played, or what you think the other players will do - it can get a bit tense as people strive desperately to avoid the cursed booty.

HenriDeacon 16th September 2013 05:38 PM

Been playing nothing but Vampire Empire lately. A two player game where the human player needs to guess the identity of and eliminate 3 hidden vampires before the bloodsuckers kill off everyone. Simple but effective combat system and perfectly balanced between the 2 different decks. The game plays in 15 minutes and each match has gone down to the wire. I picked it up for $19 in the last ozgameshop 30% off sale and knew nothing about the game. The wife enjoys it, so a real lucky find.

Bort 16th September 2013 06:02 PM

Sounds like fun - I think I looked at it even, and then saw 2 player, which is a deal breaker for me (it means I'll never play it at the board gaming group, or game days with mates).

HenriDeacon 16th September 2013 07:01 PM

In the photo you will see a trick we use. We play all our card games on a shammy towel, so if the kids knock over a drink it soaks up the spill immediately and we can get right to the job of rescuing cards. There have been no major spills so far...

Dressy 16th September 2013 08:11 PM

Being playing Talismen the last two weeks.

Spinn 18th September 2013 04:26 PM

Managed to get about 5 of us for Game of Thrones... going to try for a full group of 6 next week. So far it has been pretty fun. Alot of political intrigue and such..

I've got a copy of Risk Legacy that I am just waiting for the right group to try it out with... No idea how that will go.

Still waiting on Kingdom Death: Monster to become available.. really peaked my interest and now I just have to play the waiting game.

Bort 20th September 2013 03:17 PM

Finally getting my copy of Hanabi tonight - excited! And a pox on Milsims, who couldnt get a copy to me inside of 10 weeks....luckily my board gaming group organised a group buy from Amazon Germany (the organiser liked the German artwork better, and its not like its language dependant).

I've seen people play this game very seriously - like gamers after a high score, which is maybe more serious than I like to take it. But I think it will be a fun game to play with casual friends/gamers. Certainly a different angle to most card games.

Bort 21st September 2013 02:28 AM

Ok, played a couple of games of Hanabi - still a bit unsure if I like it. Its certainly clever, and a bit different, and can be played by anyone.

I think my problem with it is that its a cooperative game, but rather than a co-op where you can discuss what to do as a team (which I enjoy), each of you is locked into your own game of deduction. You cannot say anything about your hand, or others - unless you give a hint on your go. So theres no table talk - which I like in a game.

And it seems the game is really about how to give hints, understanding what people mean when they tell you something. And of course you cant ask them what they mean during the game - thats not allowed.

Its a surprisingly tense game too - if you play the wrong card, your entire group will roll their eyes and complain (in a fun way, unless you play with dicks). The guys I play with are great, but I'd hate to be on the verge of a good score and then blow it.

Maybe if I play this game more, my memory and deductive skills will get better.

Bort 28th September 2013 11:51 PM

Played Diamant today - quick filler that could be enjoyed by anyone - its a push your luck game where you decide whether to explore a cave further, or take your treasure and run. Lots of fun, because treasure if shared when you decide to run, so if you're the only one, its all yours (which is a cool feeling, especially when the others get crushed by rocks on the next turn....bwhahahahaha). The game is hard to get, but its been reprinted as Incan Gold.

Also played Citadels - hidden role card game, where your role changes on every round. You are trying to make 8 buildings, but on any round someone could choose the assassin and kill you, or choose the thief and steal your money, or even become the magician and take your cards! Fairly easy to pick up, but a bit of deduction is required, since targets are the role (not the player). Quite a reasonably priced game too - I'm definitely giving this another go in the future (now that I know how to play it).

It might have the potential to get pretty nasty...

SnorriHT 29th September 2013 12:37 PM

You play some very good games Bort, Diamant is a classic. If you like Diamant, you'll probably like Blockade Runner: Blockade Runner | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The key driver in this game is that each player must balance profit (by bringing in black market goods) versus keeping the ports open (by bringing in low value war goods).

Just a note that freight costs have absolutely skyrocketed in the last couple years and Milsims have done well in keeping game costs low, most likely by relying more on low cost bulk freight. Hence 10 weeks may become the standard turnaround for back orders / pre-orders, much the pity.

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